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Clear Up Tinnitus with Food

Amanda Pierce

Amanda Pierce is a Traditional Naturopath and a graduate of Clayton College of Natural Health. She’s been in the health and wellness industry for over 12 years and currently practices naturopathic consulting in the Kansas City, Missouri area. Her passion is helping others achieve wellness of the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. If you don’t have a good local naturopathic practitioner to turn to for your personal needs, Amanda does phone consultations! She can help you with weight loss, detox/cleansing, acute and chronic illnesses, skin and body care, grocery shopping, pantry overhauls, and more!

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  1. Teresa Lowe

    We have virtually eliminated most sugar and carbs from our diet and we don’t eat in restaurants who use MSG but, it has had no affect on our tinnitus. I have had it for long than I can remember and my husband has developed it since he was a tanker in the military. As I set here, I hear a constant high frequency in my ears that nothing has stopped, not even otc remedies. Do you have any other ideas?

  2. Karla

    My husband & I have just developed that high frequency “ringing” in our head and wondered if it might be EMF issue so startedshuttj g down WiFi router at night but that hasn’t helped. Any advice would be much appreciated!

  3. admin

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