January 20, 2017

January 2017 Articles



Treating Vertigo: Balancing Fluid in the Ear

How to Reverse Your Inner Ear Dizziness by Dr. Scott Saunders Peter is a young man in his mid-forties without any health issues. He has three children, and he and his wife have been married for over twenty years. His job isn’t unusually stressful. He plays tennis every week, and has no problem … [Read More...]

Diabetes-Friendly Meals for the Whole Family

Cooking for diabetes never tasted so good...and the whole family will benefit from healthier eating. by Rob Fischer Contrary to popular opinion, eating diabetes-friendly foods does not consign you to a life of bland, boring meals. Instead, let’s look at how you can win with both good nutrition and … [Read More...]

Top 14 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar + Healthy Recipes

Wonder how ACV can help you? Here are 14 reasons to add apple cider vinegar to more than just your salad dressing - plus a recipe to make your own! by Rob Saunders The holidays are behind us, and many of us are now regretting the fact that we indulged in all those delicious yule tide delicacies! … [Read More...]

End Fibromyalgia Fatigue with Chocolate

Chocolate can help fibromyalgia sufferers by reducing inflammation, increasing energy and promoting alertness. Let the rejoicing begin!  Eating a small chocolate bar every day helps fights exhaustion!  What?!  You mean chocolate is good for your health!?  Absolutely! Many people who have … [Read More...]

Your Own Personal Decree of Faith to Live by in 2017

by Michael Tyrrell I believe that ringing in the New Year is like a declaration or decree that sets the tone for what we will experience throughout the following 365 days. At the “head” of the year, it is paramount that you determine what you expect…and give voice to it!  This is a sound biblical … [Read More...]

Good Ideas, I’ll Start Tomorrow

Think healthy—be healthy. By David Kekich   Do you find yourself waiting for the “perfect moment” to start? Maybe the time to start will be “tomorrow.” Then ask yourself this question. Was there ever a time when you let an opportunity slip by when you could have taken action—but didn’t? I know … [Read More...]

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