December 3, 2016

December 2016 Articles



Treating Urinary Incontinence and Overactive Bladder Without Surgery

Controlling When You Have to Go to the Bathroom - NATURALLY by Dr. Scott Saunders, M.D. Several years after her surgery, Marge began having frequent urinary tract infections. Eventually, she had a cystoscopy. The surgeon looked into the bladder and found what she had feared – mesh. The plastic … [Read More...]

Stressed? Anxious? L-Theanine in green tea is a top-notch health drink

Help the body stay calm, focused, and decrease stress L-theanine may sound unfamiliar, but there’s a good chance you have consumed it before. For example, in the last cup of green tea you drank. Researchers are studying L-theanine, a type of amino acid, and its beneficial effects for those … [Read More...]

Omega Fats: The Simple Fuel That Drives Our Engine

A guide to eating the right fats By Jeffrey Saunders Life without fat is about as enjoyable as air without aromatherapy. Why? Because like a whiff of Yankee Candle makes the air we breathe a little fresher, so fat can make our edibles a little tastier… and it’s healthy for you! Well, not … [Read More...]

Pesticides: When Killing the Pest Becomes the Plague

How Can We Minimize or Avoid Exposure to Pesticides? by Rob Fischer Greek mythology tells the tale of the Trojan horse. The tale describes how the Greeks tricked the citizens of Troy with the gift of this wooden horse. But unknown to Troy, the horse was filled with an elite troop of Greek … [Read More...]

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