June 29, 2016

Searching for Natural Tinnitus Relief

By Amanda Box

Millions of people across the world never get a moment of peace and quiet.  It’s not because of their kids, nor is the culprit a constant barking dog.  These people are tormented by noise inside their own head that they cannot turn off. This terrible affliction is called tinnitus.

Tinnitus can come in many forms. It can be:

  • Loud or soft
  • Ringing or buzzing
  • Whooshing or screeching
  • And pulsating or constant

Many of us, at one point or another, have experienced tinnitus.  If you have ever come home from a loud concert or from shooting guns at the range, then you have probably experienced some ringing in the ears once you walked into a silent room.  Luckily for most, this is a temporary effect from being exposed loud noises.  But for many, tinnitus is an agonizing nuisance that they cannot escape.

Finding the Root = Finding Relief

The main difference in a holistic approach to health versus an allopathic approach is the focus.  So much of what allopathic medicine is based on is treating the symptoms, not the cause.  When you treat only the symptoms, you are not getting true healing. Many times without true healing, other issues will arise.

Natural remedies and holistic medicine focuses on the root of the problem.  It is the belief of holistic practitioners like myself, that if you can heal the root, then the symptoms will naturally disappear.

Tinnitus has a plethora of possible “roots.”  It may take time to sort through and find which root cause is pertinent to you, but I promise it will be worth it.  You will have the keys to unlock and open the door to effective treatment – because relief becomes much easier once you know the cause.

This list is lengthy, I know.  However, many factors can cause tinnitus.  Some root causes are simple and others complicated.  I suggest starting with eliminating the possible the simple causes and work you way to the more complicated causes, if necessary.










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