January 23, 2017

Get Good Vibrations from Food

What if I told you that your food was vibrating? Would you see it as a positive thing? You’d likely think I was off my rocker!

The reality is you want your food to vibrate. Food has vibrational frequency – a measurement of the electrical energy that is present in all natural living things.

I gotta say… the Beach Boys had it right all along! But in this case, “I’m pickin’ up good vibrations,” comes from my food. You can’t see these vibrations or hear them. But I assure you they are there. In fact vibrations, otherwise referred to as frequencies or energy, are everywhere. They’re in the rocks, the trees, the music you listen to, the colors you see, even in your own body….and the food you eat.

Healthy diets typically focus on antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals contained in foods. The nutrients are very important aspects of what we eat and contribute to the positive vibrations in our food. However, food frequencies or vibrations are not typically mentioned as a component of a healthy diet. Many people believe that frequencies and vibrations are a bunch of New Age crazy talk. The truth is that food containing positive vibrations can be the key to a healthy, disease free, and vibrant life. A healthy diet includes eating foods that help heal our bodies not just with vitamins and minerals, but also with positive vibrations.

Keeping up Good Vibrations

A healthy human body has frequency between 62 and 72 Hz. Maintaining this healthy vibration is very important in that it keeps us free from disease. A slight drop to just 60 Hz leaves our body susceptible to the common cold. Most diseases begin at 58 Hz and cancer grows at 42 Hz.[1]

The choices we make daily affect the frequency of our body. To be honest, it is becoming more and more difficult to avoid frequency-lowering mechanisms. Technology and the stressful lifestyle of our culture are constantly bombarding us with things that assault our body’s God-given vibration. Precise frequencies could destroy specific organisms such as cancer cells and viruses, while others could be used to prevent the development of disease.

The most common culprits that lower body frequency are:

  • Stress
  • EMF radiation from cell phones, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Negative thoughts
  • Chemicals in the air, food, water, and skincare products
  • Lack of exercise

As certain patterns of vibration are associated with good health, you can increase their frequency and optimize their health by applying some easy methods to your daily life:

Healthy Food Vibrations

What we eat has the most dramatic impact on the vibrational frequency of our body. Food is broken down and its components circulated throughout our system, touching and influencing everything inside of us. What we eat, good or bad, becomes a part of us. In essence, the energy or vibration of the food we eat is transferred to us inside our bodies.

Higher food vibrations aid in fending off disease, clearing thinking, increased energy and a positive mood. Click to Tweet.

Eating healthy food releases positive vibrations in our body, enhancing our body’s frequency and keeping us in a healthy state. Unhealthy food is dead, void of life-giving vibrations and robs us of the life and energy that keeps our body in a healthy state.

It’s pretty easy to identify foods that increase our vibration and keep us healthy. Healthy vibrational foods visually have the vibrancy that they release inside our bodies. They are colorful, full of flavor, and have a unique character that is far from bland and boring.

The more alive and full of energy a food is, the higher the frequency. This is why raw fruits and veggies have a higher frequency than canned. The difference is actually pretty astounding.

Below is the chart of food frequencies: 

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