January 23, 2017

5 Steps to a Pain Free Back and Neck

by Amanda Box, N.D.

“Sit up straight!”

Whether it was your mother, your grandmother, or even your teacher, you’ve probably been told to sit up straight many times in your life.  They were likely telling you this because it really isn’t polite to slouch and slump.  However, there are true health benefits to reap from good posture.

Most of us didn’t listen to this advice and continued to slump and slouch when no one was looking.  And now, we may suffer the painful consequences.  Over one-third of Americans in their mid-50s suffer from chronic neck and back pain.(1)  This is an astounding amount of people!  However, poor posture isn’t the only cause of neck and back pain.  Other causes include:

  • 5 steps to pain free back and neck
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    Injuries (car accidents, sports injuries, etc)
  • Obesity (excess weight puts tremendous strain on the back and neck)
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Stress
  • Disc Herniations

No matter what has caused your neck or back pain, there is hope.  It may seem easy to pop pill, but this is not your only option!  Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs have detrimental side-effects and do not fix the root of the pain.  Many of these drugs are extremely toxic to the liver and should never be taken long term.  Natural steps to pain relief are safer, healthier and offer lasting results.

If you are one of the lucky ones who does not suffer from back or neck pain, then you aren’t completely out of the woods.  It is extremely important to maintain back and neck health with prevention.  Don’t wait until it is too late!  Prevention is much easier and more effective than waiting until a back or neck problem arises. Everyone will suffer degeneration of the spine to a certain degree with age.  But most pain and discomfort can still be avoided with the proper preventative steps for maintaining spinal health.

I believe there are 5 important steps you can take towards pain relief.  These steps are 100% natural, side-effect free and can greatly reduce, if not eliminate, your neck and back pain.

These 5 steps can not only prevent neck and back pain, but they can effectively treat existing pain.  Back and neck pain doesn’t have to be a lifelong curse.  Natural pain relief is attainable – if you make the commitment to follow these 5 steps.

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