January 23, 2017

Sleep Deprived? Recipe for Health

What You Need to Know Before You Crash From Sleep Deprivation

For many people, sleep is a gift that just doesn’t keep on giving…and missing regular visits to dreamland is a recipe for a sack-full of detrimental health problems

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Ever see someone who is routinely sleep deprived and doesn’t get enough sleep?

They’re groggy…say silly, incoherent things…sway a little…and maybe even speak in tongues.

They might appear drunk or “on something.”

Truth is they’re probably not on anything…they’re actually off something – sleep.

Though we might get a kick out of seeing someone nodding off at their desk or catching them falling into a dream-like state at the most inopportune moments – it is certainly no laughing matter. Sleep deprivation is very dangerous and can lead to a shocking array of health problems you’d probably never associate with a lack of Zzzs.

Whether it’s done voluntarily or not, sleep deprivation is nothing to bat a heavy eyelid at.

Sleep apnea, insomnia, and stress can ruin a perfectly good life

There are many health problems associated with not getting enough sleep. It starts with mental disorders and – if left “awake” – can even lead to death.

Lack of sleep has a very negative impact on your brain, your hormones, and even your heart. In fact, it all starts with your body’s inability to properly manage blood sugar levels. That’s right. Sleep deprivation can lead – very easily, I might add – to diabetes.

Studies have shown that reducing the RNA (Recommended Nightly Allowance) of shut-eye to 4 hours a night, “Can reduce insulin sensitivity in most tissues by up to 20 – 25%,” according to NaturallyEngineered.com. Couple this with our Westernized, processed, sugar-N-carbs diet and you’re looking at a recipe for diabetes.

And it doesn’t stop there…

A review by Case Western University and Harvard Medical School uncovered a direct link between weight gain and obesity to lack of sleep. The results of a University of Chicago study showed that not enough restful sleep can change your body’s secretion schedule of specific hormones. This, unfortunately, leads to increased appetite, not feeling full after a meal and ruins the natural response to sugar intake.

Here are the top 3 conditions that lead to and perpetuate sleep deprivation:

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