January 23, 2017

Pain Cures That Work

Chronic pain affects millions and millions of people, many of whom live in silence.

It is strange because it kind of creeps up on you. It subtly takes over you life and you don’t really realize you are having a problem until you have an acute flare-up.  Body parts degenerate after time.  It may take a while to fall apart.

You may not do the things you used to be able to do and maybe even baby yourself a little. Your life becomes smaller and you loose your sense of adventure. There are things you are afraid to do and you don’t feel yourself. You may not even recognize this departure to self until you are restored to self.  You may be feeling so bad you don’t know what the first step to take might be.

Pain is inevitable.  But, you can lessen the suffering.  Although pain and suffering are often used synonymously, pain is the signal from you body and suffering is the interpretation of that signal.

Suffering is optional.  Sometimes, when the anticipation of pain expectation is lowered, the brain is less responsive to the incoming pain signal.  Separate pain from suffering.  Pain is a sensation.  Suffering is the emotional attachment to it: depression and stories you tell yourself can mount the pain and intensity.

Accepting the Unacceptable Reality of Depression

Depression, according to John Hopkins Hospital, can exacerbate chronic pain.   Who wouldn’t be depressed knowing that every moment to come would be tainted by pain?  Depressed by the thought of no relief, not a day, an hour even a minute from driving pain.  Pain can eclipse everything as the quality of life diminishes.  It can hold you hostage with inability to cope with chronic pain.

But the answer to this mental state is simple:

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