January 23, 2017

5 Steps to Lower Your Anxiety Now

How to Balance Hormones and Calm the Mind

by Amanda Box, N.D.

You can feel it rising. Like water it begins to pool around your feet. Then it slowly rises up your body until you are fully submerged, unable to breathe, drowning in your own fears.

This is how I describe my experience with anxiety. It is a feeling that I am too familiar with and one that many of you have suffered as well. Many people face regular bouts of anxiety that can profoundly affect their lives. They may be unable to work or have healthy social lives. For others, anxiety may be brought on by high pressure situations such as taking a test.

how I describe my anxietyWhatever the case may be, one thing’s for certain. Anxiety is absolutely paralyzing! It keeps us from experiencing the joys of our life, sets us up to fail and minimizes our greatest potentials.

The good news? You can beat anxiety in 5 steps! You can cut the chains that bind you and set yourself free for a life full of positivity and success!

There can be many underlying factors behind anxiety. Traumatic life events such a death of a loved one or financial problems can trigger anxiety in people who formerly led a happy productive life! This stress induced anxiety can snowball and disrupt the body to the point that hormonal changes and body imbalances begin to occur. Once specific hormones such as cortisol are out of balance, it is much like throwing gasoline on a fire. The frequency and strength of anxiety begins to increase and take over a person’s life.

Many people also struggle with anxiety, but because the symptoms don’t manifest in the more obvious ways such as irrational fears or impending doom, they don’t realize that anxiety is the culprit behind their health problems. When we stuff our feelings and don’t let them out, the built up stress can lead to anxiety which manifests in ways such as:

  • Tachycardia
  • Digestive issues
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Sleep disorders

These symptoms often resolve themselves once the underlying stress and anxiety is properly addressed. Stress itself is the cause of 75-90% of all disease! It is imperative to address and relieve stress in order to live a healthy long life!

The Role of Cortisol with Anxiety

Addressing the root cause and imbalance behind anxiety can calm the mind and body to bring true relief from symptoms. One of the most common body imbalances that occurs with anxiety has to do with cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone released by the adrenal glands in response to fear or stress as part of the fight-or-flight reaction.

Often referred to as our stress hormone, cortisol is responsible for three major functions that keep our body in balance during times of stress:

  • Raising blood sugar
  • Increasing blood pressure
  • Regulating inflammation

Cortisol and anxiety have a cyclical relationship. When you experience anxiety, which is a form of stress, you automatically release cortisol. However, having excess cortisol in the body can cause anxiety and contribute to anxiety attacks! Your cortisol imbalance may have caused your anxiety, but your anxiety may also have caused your cortisol imbalance.

When cortisol levels build up in the blood, your mind and body are profoundly affected. If you struggle with anxiety, I’m sure those symptoms sound very familiar!

  • High levels of cortisol can lead to a nervous stomach, jitters, feelings of panic, and even paranoia.
  • High levels of cortisol also suppress the production of serotonin, which leads to feelings of loss of hope and depression.

Failing to manage stress in your life will lead to increased cortisol production and ultimately cause anxiety.

most common symptoms of high cortisol levelsCortisol is typically released in a regular, timed fashion or rhythm that repeats daily. In a healthy person, cortisol is highest in the morning helping us to wake up and be alert and energetic. It begins to taper off throughout the day and by evening melatonin is released which helps us to sleep.

When anxiety sounds the alarm, our body releases cortisol and becomes ready for action. However, without an actual release of a physical flight or fight action, cortisol builds up in the blood. Over time, chronically high cortisol levels begin to negatively affect our bodies. Some of the most common symptoms of high cortisol levels include:

  • Digestive issues
  • Impaired circulation
  • Disrupted sleep/wake cycles
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Low sex drive
  • Depressed mood

Lowering Your Cortisol Levels Naturally

Bringing your cortisol down to a healthy, balanced level is key in overcoming anxiety.

There are 5 steps to lower your cortisol levels that are both safe and extremely effective. Adding even one of these steps into your daily routine can make a big difference. However, incorporating all 5 of these steps will help you achieve maximum anxiety reducing results

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Are You Standing On Your Pain Cure?

In recent decades, the incidence of chronic pain and diseases, allergies, insomnia and auto-immune conditions has skyrocketed in modern societies. One overlooked reason is the immune system began functioning less efficiently as humans increasingly separated themselves from the earth’s energy.

The human immune system evolved over millions of years. All that time, we were in virtually constant barefoot contact with the earth. In our modern society, humans no longer walk barefoot. We wear shoes and live in buildings that insulate us from the earth’s energy.

What Exactly Is Earthing?

Earthing is among the most natural and safest forms of prevention and anti-aging you can do. It is extremely low tech, and it works. Earthing (grounding) refers to the process of establishing conductive contact between the surface of the earth and the surface of the human body. This allows electrons to flow from the earth and maintain the body at earth potential.

A ground is defined as a conductive object that makes a direct electrical connection to earth and has the ability to absorb or dissipate an electrical charge. In effect, an electrical ground drains away any unwanted buildup of electrical charge.

We know earthing allows a transfer of electrons (the earth’s energy,  natural and subtle) into the body. We know inflammation is caused by free radicals, and free radicals are neutralized with electrons from any source. Electrons are the source of the neutralizing power of antioxidants.

Inflammation, sickness and chronic pain, at least in some part, result from an electron deficiency. The ground may represent the biggest and best natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that exists.

Earthing refers to the process of connecting by walking barefoot outside, as humans have done throughout history, or sitting, working or sleeping grounded indoors. Modern lifestyles, in addition to separating us from the earth, have also provided us with a simple way to stay grounded, even as you sleep, with very basic grounding devices.

Earthing Benefits

For more than a decade, thousands of people around the world — men, women, children and athletes — have incorporated earthing into their daily routines and report that earthing:

  • Reduces inflammation (the underlying cause of more than 80 chronic illnesses)
  • Thins blood
  • Improves blood pressure
  • Lets you sleep better
  • Relieves chronic pain, muscle tension, headaches and stress
  • Gives you faster recovery from trauma and intense physical activity
  • Reduces or eliminates jet lag
  • Energizes you
  • Lessens hormonal and menstrual symptoms
  • Protects your body against electro magnetic fields (EMFs)
  • Helps circulation
  • Promotes normal cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and immune systems

Earthing is natural, simple and it affects every aspect of human physiology. When you ground yourself, your entire body readjusts to a new level of functioning and energy. That level, in fact, seems to have been designed throughout evolution.

Anyone can try this. If you don’t feel well, for whatever reason, just make barefoot contact with the earth, or swim or wade in the ocean and see what happens. Of course, if you have a medical problem, you should also see a doctor.

Everybody seems to benefit in some way, but we are all different. The results can come quickly and dramatically, such as less chronic pain and better sleep, or subtly and gradually over time. Often people who are very ill feel the difference most profoundly.

Some part of your body needs to be in direct contact with the earth in order for you to get the full benefit. The easy way to do this is to get a special earthing pad or bed sheet that plugs into the ground (3rd hole) in one of your electrical outlets. I use the pad. Visit Amazon for more information on the Earthing Universal Mat and Cover.


Maybe while on vacation and walking barefoot on a sandy beach, have you felt some tingling or some warmth in your feet, or a sense of well-being?


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