January 24, 2017

Candida: The Root to Many Health Problems

by Amanda Box

Candida is enemy #1 for me.  It has been my personal health battle for years.

I was like so many of you, struggling with health issues that no doctor could figure out. I was constantly bloated, constipated, exhausted, my brain was foggy and all I wanted to eat was sugar and carbohydrates. It took me a few years to diagnose myself, even after entering the world of natural health.  I was experiencing all the telltale signs of systemic Candida.

Once getting rid of the Candida, my symptoms disappeared and I felt like a new person. However, if I am not diligent and spend a weekend eating desserts, Candida tries very hard to sneak back up on me.  But you too can find the root of your Candida problem. By getting rid of the plaguing Candida symptoms, you will feel like a new person again.

The Silent Epidemic

One in three Americans have systemic Candida. But most have absolutely no idea what is causing their wearying symptoms. I have a file full of clients that struggle with Candida. Women are the majority of those who deal with Candida, but many men do, as well. I have actually gotten to the point where I am surprised when a client doesn’t have Candida.  Truly, it has become nothing short of an epidemic and, unfortunately, a silent one.


Candida could also be disguised as picky eating, rashes, warts, dry skin, constipation and even bed wetting.

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?

Chances are very real that you may struggle with Candida, a chronic yeast infection. Candida is rarely talked about in mainstream medicine. Unless it manifests as a vaginal yeast infection or thrush (a rash on the tongue, mouth or throat), you may not know that you have a Candida infection.  But Candida is often a source of other health issues, causing everything from weight gain to migraines.

What is Candida Exactly?

Candida starts out in the body as a simple sugar fermenting yeast.  It is naturally found in the human intestine in small amounts. It aids with nutrient absorption and digestion when in proper levels in the body. But in some people it can grow out of control. If given the right conditions, it can turn into a fungus that produces something called rhizoids.

Rhizoids are long, root like structures that can penetrate the intestinal walls, allowing particles, bacteria, and yeast (including Candida) to pass through from the gut into the bloodstream. This releases by-product toxins and other toxins from your system, causing leaky gut syndrome.

Typically, our friendly bacteria keep Candida in check.  However, antibiotics, birth control pills, sugar, and even stress can throw the whole intestinal flora system out of balance. Candida is most prevalent in the vaginal canal, gastrointestinal tract and your mouth.

How do you know if you have a Candida infection? It’s important to know because now scientists are linking Candida to all kinds of conditions and diseases. This is far more serious than most people think.

The good news? If you test positive, there’s a natural strategy you can use to cure yourself of this scourge.

Identifying whether or not you suffer from Candida is a great first step on the road to overcoming your health issues.

Let’s get started.

Candida quiz How to Know if YOU Have Candida

Candida can be found several ways.  The first is via lab work on your saliva, feces and hair.

In my practice, I offer both saliva and feces kits that test for an overgrowth of Candida.  I also use hair mineral analysis, which tests the ratios of minerals present in the tissues.  An imbalance of certain minerals can be a sign of Candida.

Honestly, I feel like these tests are rarely necessary. With the prevalence of Candida and its easy-to-identify symptoms and causes, it’s not hard to spot a Candida candidate.

There are two very simple and easy ways to check for Candida.

  1. Candida questionnaires
  2. The spit test

Candida Questionnaire

CANDIDA testThere are many questionnaires you can take that will give you an idea whether or not you are a candidate for Candida.  However, these questionnaires are not foolproof.  You could fail the questionnaire and still have Candida. If you need further confirmation, then you’ll want to use lab work.

Dr. William Crook, author of the famed book about CandidaThe Yeast Connection, created one of the shorter, but still very accurate questionnaire tests.

  • Have you taken repeated or prolonged courses of antibiotics?
  • Have you been bothered by recurrent vaginal, prostate or urinary infections?
  • Do you feel “sick all over,” yet the cause has not been found?
  • Are you bothered by hormone disturbances, including PMS, menstrual irregularities, sexual dysfunction, sugar cravings, low body temperature or fatigue?
  • Are you unusually sensitive to tobacco smoke, perfumes and colognes, and chemical odors?
  • Are you bothered by memory or concentration problems? Do you sometimes feel spaced out or in a brain fog?
  • Have you taken prolonged courses of prednisone or other steroids, or have you taken birth control pills for more than three years?
  • Do some foods disagree with you or trigger your symptoms?
  • Do you suffer with constipation, diarrhea, bloating or abdominal pain?
  • Does your skin itch, tingle, or burn; or is it unusually dry; or, do rashes bother you?
  • Do you have regular headaches or migraines?

If you answered yes to many of these questions, then you are most likely to be struggling with Candida.

The Spit Test 

Many practitioners recommend the “spit test” to get an idea of whether or not someone has Candida. It only requires a glass of water and saliva.

  1. Fill a clear glass with clean water and place it beside your bed at night.
  2. In the morning, immediately spit in the glass before brushing your teeth or drinking or eating anything.
  3. Note how the saliva looks.
  4. Check back in 2 minutes and again in 3 minutes.

Healthy saliva will float on the top and eventually dissolve into the water without any cloudiness or sinking.  There may be some bubbles and foam.

Candida saliva may have strings that go down the glass, cloudy saliva that sinks or cloudy specks that float.  See the image for a good visual.

The Battle of Overcoming Candida

Although you can’t totally eliminate Candida in your body, you can keep it under control.

I have concluded that once someone struggles with Candida, they must always be careful.  I have a file full of personal testimonies to prove it. Candida is not something that you get rid of and continue eating sweets and carbs.  Candida will be fed by bad habits, eventually multiply and take over.

2 Steps: Starve it and Kill it

The best way to get rid of Candida is to both to starve it and kill it.  Just starving Candida takes too long.  Trying to kill Candida while still feeding it is pointless.  You must do both.

The Candida diet is the best way to starve Candida.  Essentially, it is a diet that cuts out the main foods that feed Candida: carbohydrates and fermented foods.  The Candida diet consists of:

  • No sugar of any sort
  • Limited grains
  • No fermented foods or drinks

My favorite website for the diet is www.thecandidadiet.com.  It also contains great recipes that won’t leave you feeling so deprived.

Following this diet is often the most difficult thing for people in their journey to get their health back  from Candida. The results are amazing and make it worth the challenge. The first 3-5 days are typically the most challenging. Candida is starving and tells your body it NEEDS to be fed. But once those first few days are over, you will begin to feel a new sense of well-being. You have essentially begun to take your body back!

Crucial Supplements in Killing Candida 

Natural antifungals work best at keeping the Candida fungus under control. Thankfully, there are many to choose from.  Here’s a list of my favorite Candida-killing natural antifungals.

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Discover the Eczema and Candida Connection

Who would have thought there might be a connection between candida and eczema? But there have been a couple of recent studies showing the link between candida overgrowth and eczema. Successfully treating candida may give you relief from eczema.

Three primary things lead to candida overgrowth:

  1. A diet high in processed and refined foods.
  2. Consuming products in the three “white” groups – sugar, flour and rice.
  3. Taking antibiotics frequently for any reason.

ezcema from candidaNatural Remedies for Healing Candida Overgrowth

There are many agents that kill candida overgrowth, such as:

  • Oil of oregano. A compound in oil of oregano called carvacrol has been found to inhibit candida yeast. To apply topically, mix three drops of oregano oil with a tablespoon of olive oil and apply it to the affected area. Continue until you see improvement. Orally, take three drops of oregano oil mixed into a glass of water. Drink this solution twice daily for up to a week. Otherwise, take one or two capsules of oregano oil twice daily after meals. Continue for two to three months.[1]
  • Garlic has known antifungal properties. Include garlic in your food preparation whenever possible. You can also take garlic supplements. Follow the dosage provided by the manufacturer. You can also apply crushed garlic to the affected area.[2]
  • Andrographis is a flower from the family of the Chinese violet. Among other powerful medicinal properties, it is also an antifungal. The usual dose is 1 to 6 grams of the dried herb, or 5-15mls of a 1:5 tincture taken daily. This herb is very bitter, so capsule form may be best.[3]
  • Grapefruit seed extract has been found to perform as well or better than many antibiotics and fungicides. Take 10 drops to one cup water, three times per day. If taking tablets, the dose is 100-200mg one-to-three times daily.[4]
  • A good probiotic or cultured and fermented foods will improve the good bacteria in the gut. These will ultimately eliminate the candida.[5]
  • Raw apple cider vinegar and candida do not get along. Take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and mix it with a glass of water and drink before every meal.
  • Yeast control diet. Practitioners generally recommend such a diet for at least two weeks. Click here for foods to avoid and limit.

ACV to heal candidaUnfortunately, when healing from candida, sometimes the symptoms can worsen before they get better. To speed the healing process, try supplementing with Black Spanish Radish (suggested use is 3x/day). This herb is known for its ability to assist with digestive problems and to promote healthy organs.[6]


Suffering with eczema is frustrating and discomforting, especially when your skin is completely irritated.  The range of irritation varies in frequency and intensity. A mild itch could last for a few hours to relapses lasting for months. Others face severe itching without weeks of relief from eczema … and literally end up scratching their skin off.  Oozing and blistering lesions then crust over and create scarring.

Most suffering from this relentless form of eczema develop the condition before they are 5 years old. Thankfully, half of the children with eczema grow out of it by age three. The other half might scratch their skin for the rest of their lives.

Eczema Triggers and Traditional Treatment Pitfalls

eczema triggersEczema triggers come in a variety of ways:

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Healing Lupus Diet

By Amanda Box

One of the basic principles of natural medicine states, “All disease must be treated at the root.”  I have yet to find a disease or ailment this did not apply to.  However, so much of what allopathic medicine promotes is pharmacies full of drugs that “control symptoms” and doesn’t actually address the root cause of the problem. Although these pharmaceutical drugs can temporarily make life more comfortable, they don’t cure the disease with this band-aid style treatment.

Lupus is one of those conditions in which allopathic medicine strives to control it’s symptoms.  Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disorder that currently affects over 1.5 million Americans, most of which are women.  When someone battles with Lupus, their immune system begins to attack their own tissues, not just foreign invaders as it was designed to do.

lupus root by flickr Photomatt28

The Devastation of Inflammation

Many of Lupus’ symptoms are caused by the extreme amount of inflammation. Inflammation is used to bring healing quickly to an injured area. But, when the inflammation becomes chronic, as with Lupus, it begins to destroy tissue and damages the body. This inflammation is a response brought about by the extreme autoimmune reaction in the body.

Lupus has no known exact cause.  Diagnoses is typically based a combination of both symptoms and blood work.  The most common lupus symptoms include:

  • Rashes (particularly, a butterfly rash on the face)
  • Poor kidney function
  • Arthritis
  • Heart and lung inflammation
  • Positive blood tests like the ANA (antinuclear antibody)
  • Low blood cell count, low white blood cells or low platelets
  • Anemia

Steroids are usually involved for treating Lupus because they lower the body’s immune system response. Since Lupus is an autoimmune disorder, this can help stop the body from attacking itself.  Unfortunately, this is a temporary solution and, again, doesn’t treat the root cause.  The use of steroids also comes with a plethora of side-effects, some of which include:

  • Weight gain
  • Acne
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Increase in cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Susceptibility to diseases and ailments due to lowered immunity
  • Osteoporosis

Millions of people suffering with Lupus are left believing that steroids are their only option.  They put up with the side-effects because they believe this is their only option.  I am here to tell you that chronic inflammation can be stopped in a safer, more natural way!  And it starts with what you put in your mouth!

The Leaky Gut Connection

Around 12 years ago, I began to hear the term “leaky gut” being used in correlation with health conditions like ADD and Autism.  Then as the years passed, testimonies of “leaky gut” causing  more than psychological issues began to circulate in natural medicine health circles.  It has now been suggested that this severe digestive disturbance is a major factor in autoimmune disorder like Lupus.  Other conditions associated with Leaky Gut Syndrome include:

  • IBS
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Celiac Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia

I personally believe that the majority of people suffering with Lupus have Leaky Gut Syndrome.  And if they didn’t begin with it, they will likely develop it due to years of inflammation and pharmaceutical drug use.

When you understand what a leaky gut does to the body, it makes a lot sense that it is a large contributing factor.  Our intestines are meant to be a barrier that protects microbes, undigested food and toxic chemicals from entering into our bloodstream and circulating through the body. But when the intestines become inflamed, Leaky Gut Syndrome begins and sets off an immune system response.

Leaky gut2 fix by flickr ian boyd

This inflammation of the gut can be caused by:

  • Parasites
  • Ingesting toxic chemicals
  • Improper bacteria in the gut
  • Antibiotic use
  • NSAID drugs
  • Food allergies
  • High sugar intake
  • Intestinal infections
  • Chronic candida overgrowth

Once the intestines are inflamed, the mucosal wall is damaged and becomes permeable.  This allows the microbes, food particles and toxic chemicals to pass through the wall and out into the bloodstream.  Hence the name, Leaky Gut Syndrome.

The body sees these particles as foreign invaders and the immune system goes to work. Inflammation is the autoimmune response and causes even more stress on your system.  The little battles are starting to be ignored, like filtering out the blood, calming inflamed areas of the body, fighting bacteria, regulating the gut, etc.  This process flow can lead to your body fighting itself and an array of autoimmune disorder such as Lupus. Inflammation, allergic reactions and psychological issues can result from this internal poisoning.  The good news?

Leaky Gut can be healed and it’s symptoms along with it! Treating Leaky Gut is a multi-faceted approach that requires many different pieces of the puzzle to fall into place.  If each one is utilized, the holes in the sinking ship will plug up and allow the body to return to a more normal state.

Because so much of Lupus is rooted in inflammation, healing the gut can result in giant steps towards a resolution of it’s symptoms! Here are a few of the most agreed upon avenues for healing Leaky Gut and reversing Lupus!

Healing Leaky Gut

Books that address healing Leaky Gut such as, Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha  Campbell-McBride, have taken the nation by storm.  This GAPS (Gut And Psychology Syndrome) diet has become the saving grace for thousands suffering with Leaky Gut and many of it’s accompanying conditions.

I have seen the GAPS diet change the lives of people suffering from things as simple as eczema and allergies to more intense ailments like inflammatory bowel disease, fibromyalgia and Lupus.  The results can truly be amazing! However, the principles must be adhered to rigorously over a period of 6 months to 2 years, depending on the severity of the condition.

There are other diets targeted towards healing the gut.  Many of them contain the same principles as the GAPS diet and are designed to soothe an inflamed intestinal tract.  I don’t advocate that GAPS is the only path towards healing.  But my mantra is that I only recommend what I have personally seen work.  I have seen the GAPS diet give people the 180 degree turn they needed in their health!

4 Steps to Healing Leaky Gut

The GAPS Diet can be broken down into 4 main principles:

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4 Steps to Stop Candida Infection Naturally

Yeast are a type of fungus that exist everywhere.  Candida is one form of yeast that can infect humans.  It is estimated that between 75% and 90% of people get a Candida infection at some time in their lives, such as thrush, toenail infections or vaginitis.

Some of these are easy to spot because they are on the outside and cause symptoms such as burning, itching or white plaques.

Many people, however, also get Candida in their blood called “systemic candidiasis.”  This infection generally comes from the intestines, where most people have some yeast growing all the time. The systemic infection can cause a multitude of symptoms.

How do I know if I have Candida?

Because Candida causes inflammation AND produces toxins, it can create a wide range of symptoms. One clinic that specializes in treating Candida lists the following symptoms:

  • Digestive troubles
  • Behavioral problems
  • Skin and joint problems
  • Hyperactivity
  • Allergies
  • Female problems
  • Mental problems
  • Emotional issues
  • Immune problems
  • Chronic fatigue

Essentially, every disturbance known to man has been attributed to Candidiasis, making it impossible to know if this is the real cause of the problem.  Fortunately, there are tools available that can help you determine the likelihood of a Candida yeast overgrowth being the cause of your health issue.

Spit test

Some advocate a test for Candida called the “spit test.”  This consists of spitting saliva into a glass of water in the morning before eating or drinking.  We are told that if you have yeast you will see strings or a cloud of spit in the water.  The problem with this test is that it has never been clinically validated.  It is likely that many people who have Candida will be negative on the spit test, or those who show positive results do not have an infection. Nobody knows if the test actually works.

Stool test

Because the presence of Candida in the gut is common, it is hard to determine if there is a true infection. Many will test positive when they only have colonization, which is not as evasive as a candida infection.  Also, many who have infections will test negative because the Candida infection is in a different fungal form.

Candida albicans is an organism that has two forms: yeast and fungus. The yeast-like form in a non-invasive, sugar-fermenting organism. Actually, these little budding yeast are not the problematic issue.


An antigenic is a substance that when introduced into the body stimulates the production of an antibody. Antigens include toxins, bacteria and foreign blood cells.

It is the “hyphae” fungus form that creates the internal crisis. Hyphae is close to the same composition that causes vegetables to stand up and grow reaching for the sunlight. Or, consider them like very long root-like structures, which can penetrate the gastrointestinal mucosa, breaking down the boundary between the intestinal tract and the rest of the circulation. This allows substances to be introduced into the blood stream, many of which are antigenic. When the candida pathogen has broken through the mucosal barrier and has entered the blood, you now have the most serious form of candida infection.

So, if I can’t go by symptoms, I can’t rely on the “spit test” and can’t even use a stool test, how can I know if I have systemic Candida?

Great question!

Symptom Test

Besides doing blood tests for immune reactions, the best way to know if you suffer from Candida is by checking for symptoms such as those listed above, and other clues:

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Baking Soda, Cancer and Fungus

Let met give you a summary about cancer and fungal conditions:

Baking Soda Fights CancerThe cancer industry is closing in on baking soda and how it is a primary tool in treating fungus. Cancer is a fungus, can be caused by a fungus, or is accompanied by late-stage fungal infections. If one has cancer, chances are pretty good that one also has a fungal infection to one degree or another.

They are not the first to say so though. Many, even from the official world of orthodox oncology, recognize the similarities of cancer and fungal infections, the decay that ties these two together in a dance that all too often ends in miserable death.

Specialists in throat and mouth cancer say that cancers can be red or white patches: any patch that appears randomly and is red or white in color could be a mouth cancer symptom. The white patches in the mouth are called leukoplakia and the red patches are called erythroplakia, which are pre-cancerous conditions. Though these red or white patches are not always cancerous, it could be the result of a fungal infection caused by Candida called thrush.

Thrush will lead to a red patch that often bleeds after the white patch disappears. A small amount of this fungus lives in your mouth most of the time. It is usually kept in check by your immune system and other types of germs that also normally live in your mouth. However, when your immune system is weak, the fungus can grow.

Bacteria, yeast/fungi, and mold are not the cause of a cancerous condition but are the result and the evidence of cells and tissues biologically transforming from a healthy state and to an unhealthy state. Over-acidification of the body leads to the development of chronic yeast and fungal infections and ultimately a cancerous condition of the cells and tissues.

According to The Home Medical Encyclopedia, in 1963 about one-half of all Americans suffered from an “unrecognized” systemic fungal condition. Far more Americans suffer from fungal infections today as antibiotics, hormone replacement therapies, and birth control pills continue to be consumed like candy. Thus more and more children are becoming infected with candidal meningitis or viral meningitis, which means their systems are suffering under the weight of fungi who put out an assortment of poisons – or mycotoxins.

Fungi produce toxic metabolites called mycotoxins that can cause cancer. Researchers in 1993 examined human breast cancer tissue and found significant carcinogenic aflatoxin within the cancer tissue implicating aflatoxin and thus fungus as a cause of breast cancer.

The pH level of our internal fluids affects every cell in our body. Chronic over-acidity corrodes body tissue, and if left unchecked  will interrupt all cellular activities and functions. In other words, over-acidity interferes with life itself. It is at the root of cancer.

Sodium bicarbonate medical treatments are the time-honored method to “speed up” the return of the body’s bicarbonate levels to normal. Sodium bicarbonate happens to be one of our most useful medicines as it treats the basic acid-alkaline axis of human physiology.

Sodium bicarbonate is available and sold in every supermarket and pharmacy in the world and is widely used in emergency rooms and intensive care wards in injectable forms but is sold as a common household substance that is used for hundreds of different things.

Read Dr. Sircus’ book, Sodium Bicarbonate, Rich Man’s, Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment. and see that something as inexpensive as baking soda will outperform the most expensive pharmaceuticals. Across a wide range of disorders, including cancer and diabetes, we find conclusive evidence and plenty of theoretical backing to suggest that sodium bicarbonate is a frontline universal medicine that should be employed by all practitioners of the healing and medical arts for a broad range of disorders that are afflicting contemporary man.

For all the references, sources and more articles, please visit Dr. Mark Sircus blog.

Do you think that one of the first steps in a cancer prevention program might be to cut out excess yeasts or candida infections? 



Candida on a Diet

Now Playing: Candida! Starring…You

It may sound like a Broadway Musical…

But too much of it is far from All That Jazz

The stage is set… you worked hard at getting the part for years.

Your audition included:

  • Taking antibiotics when you were sick
  • Antacids when you had heartburn
  • Having a little too much sugar in your diet
  • Frequent use of contraceptives
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking

The stage is now set and you are cast as a starring role in the show.

But the show Candida isn’t inherently bad. As we know, it only develops into a serious medical condition if it grows uncontrollably in the right environment…

Act 1 – Candida’s Cravings


Please understand, the only way to beat candida, is by not feeding it. No cheese, alcohol, chocolate, fermented food foods, white potatoes, soy sauce or vinegar.

Candida makes you crave what it craves…

  • Cafe con leche
  • Pies and strudel
  • Beer, wine
  • Pot roast, pork loin, bacon…cheeseburgers
  • Milk chocolate
  • Ice cream
  • And fried rice!

Any of those sound good? Ever have those cravings?

Well, it could be the little voices behind the curtain from yeast living in your body. And Candida yeast cells love sugar so much they excrete a chemical that makes you crave sugars in all forms, especially carbohydrates. They will beat you to the trough and digest them before you do. Chronically low blood sugar will bring on more cravings and on it goes.

Their overindulgence can lead to:

  • A weakened immune system
  • Lethargy
  • A mental fog no coffee can lift

Prolonged candida cell growth and development leads to:

  • Food allergies
  • Decreased hormones
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Recurring sinus infections
  • Appearance of bad skin
  • Chronic digestive problems
  • And acid reflux

And the burn…while nursing, each feeding can feel like you and your baby are being scalded by liquid magma.

With this condition, you cannot afford to ignore the universal paradigm: EVERYTHING in moderation.

Why? Because your own overindulgence is a sure fire way to weaken your immune system and with it – your most powerful line of defense against the wrath of multiplying Candida cells.

Want to discourage Candida yeasts from growing?  Starve them! Stay away from food that has refined sugars – white OR brown:

  • Honey
  • Maple syrup
  • Corn syrup
  • Molasses
  • Date sugar
  • Turbinado (even raw)
  • Demerra
  • Amaske
  • Rice syrup
  • Sorghum

Make no mistake – Candida will hunt any form of sugar down, consume it, and make you go back for more.  And if you think you can out-smart these unassuming fungi with artificial sweeteners, think again!

Candida albicans are mutant ninjas that will disrupt your body’s homeostasis FOREVER! Candida will colonize you like the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock.  Because they aren’t native and like all invasive species, they are opportunists. They will trick you into eating foods they can use to expand their colonies.

But, not if you put them on a strict diet with the following Candida-thinning recipes.

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Candida Diet Is The Cornerstone Of Anti-Aging

Besides being a much healthier person, you will also be glad to know that a low sugar diet, as recommended for Candida, is also the cornerstone of many anti-aging strategies. For instance, Nicholas Perricone is probably the number 1 anti-wrinkling doctor in the world. His analysis goes partly like this: when you eat sugar (or any hi-glycemic carbs), your insulin rises.

A lot of sugar results in a lot of insulin. High insulin creates inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation creates wrinkling of the skin, but also creates unseen damage to internal organs. High insulin also creates insulin resistance, which results in even higher insulin levels, and round and round it goes.

There is also the idea of glycation, wherein high blood sugar levels directly result in some ‘sticky’ sugar molecules attaching themselves to two protein molecules. This so-called cross-linking of the proteins results in the proteins not doing their job correctly.

The worst cases involve Advanced Glycation Endproducts, or AGEs. In the skin, the cross-linked collagen proteins mean you get wrinkles. There are anti-aging theories that in the pancreas, AGEs cause diabetes and in the brain AGEs cause Alzheimer’s disease and so on throughout the body.

So, there is the anti-aging bright side of having Candida: you eat less sugar and white flour and probably avoid other problems, such as raised insulin and inflammation leading to wrinkles. There are also the Free Radical Theory of Aging and the Inflammation Theory of Aging (involving things other than only sugar). So if you add in lots of vegetables and so forth, along with exercise, you get most bases covered.

I wish you well. If you need thorough support, I recommend 4 Steps to End Candida Infection Naturally to guide you through on how to cure candida naturally and effectively. 



Adapted with permission from www.naturalcureforyeastinfectionguide.com/

Candidate™ for Candida

If you are one of those who have considered taking supplements for Candida, then you might want to first read this review of Native Remedies Candidate.  Decipher what is best for you by evaluating how Candidate works; if it has the right ingredients and how safely can you use it. After all, it’s your body and you should know what you put in it.

How does Candidate work?

Candidate is a specifically designed formula that guards the growth of yeast in your body. In addition, it also ensures healthy digestion so that your body absorbs nutrients from food and liquid. By guaranteeing this absorption, the body keeps Candida in balance.  When your body lacks the adequate pH balance, natural bacteria is disarmed and disease and other illnesses arise. Candidate aims to keep such equality at all times.

What are the Candidate ingredients?

Candidate contains:

  • Pot Marigold: To fight Candida
  • Lemon Grass:  To maintain systemic balance
  • Pau D’Arco bark: An anti-oxidant

This specific collection of herbs is perfectly blended to avoid any side-effects caused by its natural components.

How is Candidate used?

Candidate has prescribed dosages to different age groups.

  • Adults and 12+ years: Take 15 Candidate drops, 3x/day for 6 weeks.
  • Children, 4 to 11 years of age: Take Candidate 1 drop per year of age, 3x/day.

Native Remedies recommend to follow-up the dosage with a 3-week course, twice every year or as needed to balance pH levels in the body.

How soon can you see results?

You will be happy to know that Candidate can be felt working in the body almost immediately. Of course, each case could be different, so give yourself 3-6 weeks of taking Candidate to see full results.

But, there are still reports saying that improvements start to show at an earlier time. It is strongly advised to use Candidate strictly as recommended. The consistency of the intake would naturally affect results.

When taking Candidate, it is best to veer away from refined carbohydrates and alcohol. The intake of conventional antibiotic can also affect the results.

Does Candidate work?

If Candidate reviews say that it worked within 24 hours, would you try it? Testimonials of Candidate proved this to be true. If I were suffering from Candida, I would definitely try this concentrated tincture of natural remedies in a bottle.

Are there side-effects?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, Candidate has not yet received safety clearance for you. In terms of side-effects, there has been no report of any such occurrence. Native Remedies also assures that their products are homeopathic and natural thus eliminating possibilities of side-effects.

Candidate especially for you

Candidate can help to maintain healthy flora in the body by supporting pH levels and healthy probiotic growth, which keeps Candida in check.

If you are looking for a natural way to combat Candida overgrowth or a yeast infection, Candidate will maintain your body’s health and strengthen your immune system.

Candidate is a practical natural health solution for Candida.

Try your bottle of Candidate for Candida balance and maintenance today.

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