January 24, 2017

How Do Your Emotions Reflect Your Health?

By Dr. Scott Saunders

Sam was in my office today with a completely emotionless face.  He said he had a pain on his finger and pointed to a bump on the distal joint of his index finger.  These joints aren’t usually painful, but he indicated it hurt to bend his finger and press on it.  I got a syringe with cortisone and put an injection in it as he looked away.

We then talked about his all-over pain.  I asked him why he had so much inflammation and he stated matter-of-factly in a monotone voice,“It’s probably the alcohol.”  Everything changed at that moment because he then asked for medication to calm his nerves so he wouldn’t feel the need to drink.

He had tried so many things that are supposed to help alcoholism, but without any success.  “I’m at the end of my rope…”  He almost broke down and cried, but trying very hard not to show emotion he gathered himself and said, “This is the only thing in my life I have wanted to do and have not been able.”

Not being able to deal with your own emotions is guaranteed to negatively affect your health!  The only way Sam can deal with his feelings of sadness, depression and loneliness is to suppress them with alcohol.  Like so many, he isn’t even really aware of why he feels the way he does, he just wants the feeling to go away.  Again, many, many people turn to alcohol because alcohol works!  This has been the “drug of choice” for all emotional problems that plague people since the beginning of time.  Now we have other options for handling our emotions and improving our health.

In fact, the majority of drugs prescribed by doctors are not for physical problems, but rather emotional ones. Many people do not see or understand things on an emotional level.  Because people don’t know why they feel the way they do, these drugs are prescribed to help people feel better and control their emotions:

  • Tranquilizers
  • Antidepressants
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Morphine
  • Pain pills
  • Sleeping pills

But because most people don’t know how to understand and deal with their feelings, they are unable to connect with others.  This produces feelings of:

  • Fear
  • Separation
  • Loneliness
  • Isolation
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

In trying to escape such feelings, people become physically unhealthy as a result. Like Sam who feels the need to keep drinking alcohol, there are many ways people use chemical means to feel better.  Dealing with your feelings in this way produces multiple negative effects.  This is huge in that it affects nearly every person in the world.


As a society in general, we consider that those drugs prescribed by a doctor are somehow better than those we can buy without a prescription.  However, we must consider that when we use chemicals for emotional reasons, we prevent our own growth.

For example, children who are emotionally immature often have trouble in school. Then, a teacher or doctor may recommend a drug to treat ADD.  The use of the drug stimulates receptors, but doesn’t improve the functioning of the brain. Thus, these children most often become adults with ADD, never having grown up in any other way.  Thus, they are likely to continue to require and become addicted to chemical or other support for their emotions.

Chronic Pain

Most pain is emotional.  The ground-breaking work by John Sarno, MD, a rehabilitation specialist, has shown that most

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Smoke And Mirrors

Christmas in Florida by Flickr Gregory J. Urbano

Greetings from sunny Florida, where it is currently a lovely 72 degrees, Fahrenheit! There is something to be said about living in a state where instead of wearing sweaters and coats at Christmas, you are sweating and coating yourself with sunscreen. 🙂

Oh, and before I forget, Happy New Year! January 1st is traditionally a time to make (and often break!) a “new year” resolution. The word “resolution” simply means, “A firm, unwavering decision.” Health clubs and personal trainers know that they will have a bevy of ninety day disciples come January, complete with good intentions and bulging holiday bellies. Unfortunately, like clockwork, dreams of  “6 pack” abs and “buns of steel” soon become “6 packs” of beer and “buns of oatmeal.”

Human beings are notoriously creatures of habit, which leads me to this month’s topic, “How To Quit Smoking.” Before I proceed, let me share this disclaimer: I am a minister, not a doctor or a licensed nutritionist. Each month, this Home Cures That Work publication, offers its readers a variety of articles written by authors who focus on their area of expertise. My modality of healing is predominantly spiritual. However, in no way am I undermining the importance of doctors, psychologists or nutritionists. Though we may see through different lenses, we are all looking for the same result, a healthier more vibrant… you!

It is estimated that 26 million men (25%) and 23 million women (21%) in America smoke. Considering those numbers, few would argue that cigarette smoking is a powerful addiction. If you Google “stop smoking” a multitude of sites pop up, each with a bold promise of instant freedom from your smoking addiction.

What they do not tell you is their success rate! Why? Because a smoker can “quit” the habit on Monday and be chain smoking again by Friday! It is my prayer that this article will help you leave your addiction in the rear view mirror, for good.

In order to get free from this addiction, you must have an open mind, so open in fact, that truth can walk in right now and delete all of the misconceptions you have filed away in your mind concerning your smoking addiction. By the way, I know a little bit about addiction. In fact, in the next few months, I will be sharing how this former crack addict was set free, literally over night!

Divine by Design

Before you can understand your smoking addiction, you must first understand

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10 Things That Make You Happy

What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.

The blame for addiction stretches for miles.

It covers everything from depression and tough times to a little something to help you sleep and a little something to help you stay awake. But any way you’d care to look at it, addiction is a killer, a beast that lives within the addicted person and calls to them for attention. And what it craves will eventually put them in an early grave.

This beast will tell an addict things – things they may or may not want to hear – just to get them to succumb to the urge to “use.” When we examine this phenomenon a little closer, the root of the problem is clear: addiction is a direct result of being unhappy or having negative thoughts and fears of rejection.

Think about it. Would you have ever had a beer if someone didn’t first coax you into drinking it?

So the addict would never have taken that first drink, pill, puff of marijuana, line of cocaine, shot of opiate, or whatever else. This is an example of fear of rejection.

Also, the drug of choice has a much-desired ability to mask negative thoughts and temporarily bring the user happiness. Once the drug has worn off, the addicted person is then forced to deal with reality again and might turn to another “dose” for relief.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way. Not you or anyone you care about needs to face addiction – even if they are already abusing substances.


Because when we understand the root cause, we can effectively address it and work toward making the change that safely, naturally, and healthily brings happiness, drowns fears, and silences negative thoughts spewed by the parasitic beast whose only mission is to kill its host.

You may be thinking that addictions such as alcoholism are inherited. Truth is, only

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Healing from any Addiction, Illness or Disease

This New Discovery Reveals Potential For Radical Healing From Drug Addiction

There is a natural human tendency to cleave to the old and resist the new. Yet, inevitably, we enter each new day revitalized, rejuvenated and refreshed. At least we try to. The problem is the average American family of four is exposed to 1,500 advertising messages a day. (Fordham University College of Business Administration)

This data smog would make it a challenge for even a Zen master to stay positive and addiction free. It’s no wonder that as much as 70% of our thoughts tend to be negative. You already know to avoid junk foods, right? Yet few people take the same care to avoid “junk info.”

This Big Food, Big Pharma and Big Agri are pouring billions of advertising dollars into the mega-marketing media machine to keep you thinking about their products 24/7. The latest advertising atrocity is called Direct-To-Consumer marketing and it’s illegal in every country but America and New Zealand. You know which commercials I’m talking about: the ones suggesting your symptoms may be diseases, then telling you to “see your doctor” to find out if the latest designer drug is for you.

It is illegal for just anyone to offer any form of diagnosis of physical or psychological illness or disease. I believe it is a form of attack to suggest to someone that something is wrong with them. People will sincerely believe what they hear. A comment about a mental disorder, chemical imbalance or genetic weakness may become a part of their identity.

It’s no wonder that currently 50% of Americans take at least one prescribed drug every day — and the numbers are rising thanks to Direct-To-Consumer suggestions. As fellow human beings we have a responsibility to speak positively and encourage others to take more responsibility for their own health choices.

There is a false disease going around that is 100% reversible and instantly curable. The false disease is called “victimization.” We all need to join together to abolish this pseudo-disease from the face of the earth. Because as long as the mega media monster gets to say whatever it wants to, unfiltered, uncensored and unabashed, countless people of every walk of life and age group will continue to “indentify” with the addiction mind-set that they are “victims.”

I have to admit, it is an ingenious marketing scheme though. Who but people that believed they were victims of genetic fate would buy into this Big Pharma culture? There is something ethically wrong with selling drugs to people who are easily addicted to substances. On one side of the street we call them drug pushers. On the other side, Big Pharma is just doing business as usual.

I hope you understand, I am writing about a “victim-mind set.” I am very aware that the world is filled with real victims of crime, violence and disaster. I am simply pointing out the irresponsibility of drug companies that are “enabling” addiction through negative auto-suggestion. That’s why Direct-To-Consumer advertising should be banned everywhere. It is irresponsible and guarantees the massive prescribing of more drugs on the front of fighting rampant addictive behavior in society. The pandemic of addiction ruins more lives than all other diseases put together.

Typically, Western medicine has stuck its head in the sand concerning its 80% failure rate from “treating symptoms” of addiction. The bottom line is, by ignoring the real cause of addiction, the current approach permits the whole “victim mentality” to thrive. This may shock you, but you’re temporary addiction to drugs may be an unaddressed “subliminal suggestion” you need to identify. These Direct-To-Consumer drug messages subliminally suggest sickness is a function of your body and thus you must buy their “chemicals and drugs” to counteract your dysfunctional nature. Please give me a break! Sickness is NOT your body’s function!

Devictimization is the simple process of waking up from a nightmare that never was. Like a child who is afraid to look out from the covers because of the monsters in the closet, once the light is on, reality sinks in again. Once the illusion, lie or auto-suggestion is seen for what it really is, its influence over you goes away.

Leading researchers are reconsidering our old beliefs about how the human brain functions and including terms like “superconscious,” “healing mind” and “intelligent energy fields,” into the new mode. A new world view is dawning! Enter the age of bioenergetic healing.

FACT: If you want to break away from the limitations of your past and be free of the unresolved emotions and chemical addictions which enslave you, you must be determined to see things differently. Read on . . .

You’ve been educated, conditioned and cultivated to believe in a “victim mind-set.” That lie is the heart of your addiction challenge. It is a mistake to believe any chemical reaction, behavior trait or genetic weakness is more powerful than your innate intelligence, indomitable will and free mind.

The human brain has the capacity to download astonishing amounts of new data in the form of “behaviors and beliefs,” into your hard drive memory. In a nut shell, this means you have the potential for radical healing. I know you can be free from any addiction, illness or disease and their causes.

As you know, traditionally, every new discovery is resisted by the human impulse to protect the past. Yesterday the world was flat, today mind, body and even thinking and feeling are seen as one and the same. (www.HeartMath.com)

You and I literally live in a holographic universe, meaning within each part, the whole of Mama Nature can be found. Wholeness heals you because it is of the mind. Fact is by combining the will to recover with guidance and support you can defeat any addictions. Don’t be tempted to believe you need drugs to help you.

What I’m sharing isn’t knew, it just took science 6,000 years to validate what the ancient Chinese, Essenes and Ayurvedic teachers have long known. The ancients understood the universe to be one living conscious being or organism. Today, scientists call this the systemic, or a holographic universe. Thus where ancient wisdom once proclaimed creation as an ever-expanding “Creative Intelligence,” today we call it “Intelligent Design.” In order accept new knowledge we have to let go of old mistaken concepts.

Genetic determinism is a thing of the past! Definition of determinism: the belief that all events are caused and determined by their preceding events and, therefore, entirely predictable, raising philosophical questions about freewill and responsibility.

Genetic determinism is a political iron fist being used to crush free thinking, self-sustaining individuals like you. Its doctrine claims that human willpower and positive attitude have no influence over health and body. IF the propaganda was true then genetic determinists, greedy politicians and tyrants would control the entire human race with their chemical madness.

Sounds like a bad B-movie doesn’t it?

Big Pharma wants to blame “the gene” for every illness and frankly, they’re wrong. But, if they can convince Joe Public, Big Pharma’s power and profits will soar. I’m talking about more misused power and money than the world has ever seen before.

What’s scary is their marketing scheme was working, until the discovery of Epigenetics. It’s as if “The king has no clothes,” and somebody’s derriere is sticking out in the wind. They’ll do anything to cover it up.

The real future of medicine is completely different than what Big Pharma bet it would be. They have fully vested in the chemical/gene assumption, but the “new science” of epigenetics refutes the very foundation of the pharmaceutical empire and they are NOT happy about it at all.

As you may already know mere chemical reactions cannot explain any of the remarkable feats the human body and mind can perform. Since genes are not controlling our biology, exactly what is responsible for our healing, regeneration and growth? The answer is information!

By definition, epigenetics states that every organism is born with a certain purpose, and continues to develop how it was intended to in interrelation with its environment. Simply put you can control more than 90% of genetic expression with good food, healthy lifestyle and positive attitude (that’s your environment). Do you see the power of your mind and the choices you make a little clearer now?

The information comes from beyond “the known system.” That’s where will power, positive attitude and Mama Nature influence the body electric. Life is made of pure information, and information is the earmark of the mind. Based solely upon the science of epigenetics, we can see evidence of a consciousness superior to our own. There is inarguably an underlying intelligent design to life.

This means no one has to be a victim of Big Pharma’s chemical dogma . . . ever.

The new science of healing empowers your ability to take control of your life, liberty and your health. The truth will set you free! You are NOT a victim of traits, chemicals and genes. Epigenetic, holistic and bio-energy medicines offer humanity an optimal healing system, an “Inner Technology” available to everyone without exception. This is the new frontier of energy medicine today!

This almost forgotten science is being brought into mainstream conversations among integrative physicians everywhere, giving birth to what I call, “genuine healthcare.” Together with these emerging world views we can expand human liberties, empower integral health technologies and nurture self-healing.

Martin Jacobse (Big Pharma Corporate Arm), a hearing and speech specialist of 30 years, was first inspired by the natural home remedies used by his Cherokee Grandmother. He has since expanded his interests into naturopathic, alternative and energy medicine. Excited to share his findings and close the gap between the medical profession and natural home remedies, Jacobse found a passion as an independent medical researcher and ghost writer, dedicating his life to getting the word out as a consumer health advocate for Barton Publishing. Jacobse spends his free time practicing the healing art of magnetic Qigong, publishing books and enjoying the quiet of a small horse ranch near the Tonto National Forest in Arizona.

Tiger Woods Diagnosis

A Cub Scout Mother Challenges A Perverted Addiction

A long and propserous life doesn’t come with golf or golf addiction. It comes with a healthy and clear conscience.

Let me take this Home Cures That Work edition on addiction to address a recent news item: Tiger Woods and his many mistresses. Some have raised the issue on whether or not he is a sex addict.

The string of extramarital affairs that has Tiger Woods in the news headlines brings tears to my eyes and anger to my heart. Casual sex strikes once again. Count the number of lives it has affected. This doesn’t involve just Tiger, but his wife and 2 children, plus the X number of women who have partnered with him. Addictions are destructive and this is no exception.

One definition of an addiction is not being able to control urges and feeling anxious without a fix, as well as acts done in secrecy. The other factor in addictive behavior is

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The Addiction Program – 3 Ways and 3 Days to Recovery

How To Break Free From Minor Addiction In 3 Days By Using 3 Tools

The New Year is upon us. It is the start of a new you, a new look on life, and big changes for your future. For some, change will be harder than others.

Imagine a man who knocks down a few stiff drinks after work. Is he a pleasure drinker or an alcoholic? What about a woman who needs to take drugs to feel good or give her energy so she can get through the day? When does she become dependent on these drugs?

Most people have some kind of addiction. They find things they like that make them feel good and they may use it again and again as a kind of coping therapy. We all crave substances or experiences that make us feel good temporarily, but some of these bad habits often have harmful long-term consequences.

If you suspect that you have an addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or food (or other), ask yourself this question: “Has my addictive behavior created problems that would make me consider stopping or cutting back?” If the answer is YES, it is time to make a few changes to break that addiction grip.

Here is a simple addiction detox program that consists of a detoxifying juice, a fiber supplement and

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