January 23, 2017

Life After Detox

So, you have just been through detoxification program. The first few days were tough. Maybe you even had headaches and stomach pangs, but you stuck it out. Then your body began to adjust and you found yourself feeling more alert, more energetic and you probably lost some weight.

You felt really good about your ability to stay the course.  As you moved toward the end of the program, you not only recommended a detox to your friends and family, but you also grew confident that you could change what you eat, how you eat and how much you eat.

Then, life’s daily pressures and responsibilities began to interfere and you found yourself returning to the same old ways. You started consuming lots of the foods that harm – the processed simple carbohydrates and added sugars, the bad fats and excessive amounts of protein – without enjoying enough of the vegetables, fruits and whole grains that deliver the thousands of micronutrients that support human health.

Why Detox?

Detoxification proponents assert that a short-term, very restricted, very low calorie diet eliminates the toxins that build up in your system over time. Clear out the toxins, so the theory goes, and you will find that all your biologic systems function better. Unfortunately, the science supporting any long terms benefits of a detoxification is mixed, at best.

Other programs, however, view the detoxification as the bridge to a healthier lifestyle. People moving through a detoxification program may break their cravings for sugar and fats. Others find their taste for salt is altered and use significantly less salt for the same taste satisfaction.  A detox may also build a liking for high nutrient vegetables and fruits — raw, juiced or cooked.

Here is where the science is absolutely clear.

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