January 16, 2017

Learn The Secret To Keeping The Shingles Virus Dormant Forever!

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If you’re looking for help from shingles look no further.

Shingles can be one of the most miserable types of viral infestations to try and live with. If you already suffer from shingles, then that’s old news to you. But, I promise I do have good news for you if you read on.

If you are not suffering from shingles you will still find this a worthy read. The more people understand how excruciating the pain can be when complicated by the shingle’s flu-like symptoms, swelling and scarring, then perhaps fewer people with shingles would feel so isolated from their friends and family.

FACT: More than 1,000,000 people in the US suffer from shingles annually and the numbers are rising.

As you may already know, if you had Chicken pox as a child then you carry the Varicella Zoster herpes Virus (VZV) in a “dormant state.” Shingles pain is none other than the Chicken pox virus revisited — with a vengeance!

The good news is shingles pain is preventable, treatable and reversible if you know how to “activate the secret key” of viral immunity.

I believe it was the ancient Greek philosopher Pericles who once said, “The truth is sometimes so unbelievable, it escapes becoming known,” which is why this amazing revelation was nearly forgotten and lost forever.

Yet, if it’s so simple, why not at least give it a try, right?

So, if you’re willing to turn up your own healing power and shut down this painful and debilitating dis-ease, then keep reading.

Getting  to Know the Enemy Better . . .

Normally, a healthy immune system keeps the Varicella Zoster-herpes Virus (VZV) at bay.

The trouble starts when

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