January 20, 2017

Hypertension – “The Silent Killer?”

Vital Signs 101

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Dave initially came in over a year ago wanting help to get off of his medications for diabetes and hypertension.  He was getting weak and tired, partly because numbness and tingling in his feet kept him up at night.  His blood pressure was poorly controlled, even on three medications.  Over the next six months he was able to get it down from about 220/110 to 146/88 – after stopping his medications.  At the same time, he lost weight, feels better and has more energy, plus he sleeps all night because his feet don’t hurt.  Dave had a metabolic syndrome that often causes the blood pressure to go up.  He was taking medication for each symptom of the syndrome, none of which helped his condition.  When we addressed the underlying condition the blood pressure finally improved.  While it’s important to look at hypertension, it’s more important to look at the cause.

The best way to look at blood pressure is as a “vital sign” like the temperature.  If you came in to my office and your temperature was 102 degrees Fahrenheit, I could diagnose “hyperthermia” (fever) and prescribe a medication to lower your temperature.  If I just sent you home with a prescription for Ibuprofen I could miss a serious infection.  A doctor needs to address not the fever, but rather the cause of the fever.  The temperature will drop by itself when an infection is treated.

Stalk the Silent Killer

Blood pressure is similar.  There are hundreds of reasons why your blood pressure might go up (WrongDiagnosis.com lists 398). When you find and treat the cause, then the blood pressure will come down to normal without ever taking a pill for it – just like curing a pneumonia will bring your fever down without Ibuprofen.  Remember, hypertension isn’t the cause of illness, heart disease, stroke, or arterial disease. It’s just an associated symptom.

Dave was put onthe “brown rice and vegetable” diet.  He eats brown rice with vegetables and legumes for two meals per day.  He has nuts for snacks.  He exercises three times a week to sweat.  He also takes Magnesium and CoQ10.  He was able to lose weight, bring down his insulin levels, and correct his metabolism (the “vital signs“), which brought the blood pressure down to almost normal.

Your Guide to Lowering Blood Pressure

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