January 23, 2017

Maximize Your Chances for Weight Loss Success

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Everything you see around you was first an idea in the mind of one individual who got his mind, body and spirit involved in the process of giving life to his idea. There are universal laws we must abide to in order to manifest whatever it is we want to do, have or be. Here are two things you must start doing to trigger the law of attraction. It’s a matter of Mind Over Body.

Visualize Your Victory: If you can see it, you can have it!

Visualizing the way you want to look and feel is important for your success in shedding weight and building muscle tone.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself achieving your desired goals. You may not feel completely comfortable doing this at first and the images may not be entirely clear. That’s okay, because the more you practice the clearer they will become. Try to picture the same images every day, adding more detail as you become more familiar with the process. Think of yourself as the lead actor in a movie you are projecting on the screen of your mind. Make sure that when you are doing this, you give an Oscar-winning performance!

Positive Affirmations: The more you say it, the more you see it!

Positive affirmations are simple and effective. They are you being in conscious control of your thoughts. They are short, powerful statements. When you say them or think them or even hear them, they become the thoughts that create your reality. They help you move closer to your goals.

Here are a few simple rules to remember when you’re creating positive affirmations for yourself.

  • Always use the present tense. You want your mind to know that what you affirm has already happened.
  • Be absolutely positive. Use as many positive verbs as you can.
  • Be emotionally involved with your affirmations.
  • Write them down so that you will remember them. Keep them short and specific.
  • Personalize them by using your name.
  • Repeat them as often as possible in order to imprint what you are affirming on your subconscious mind.
  • Create a habit by setting aside a specific time for doing your affirmations each day.
  • Believe that what you say is actually happening. The more you are able to believe, the stronger your affirmation will be.

Repeat each affirmation you choose three times with feeling, and trust that with practice everything in your life will gently fall into place for your highest good. Take a moment to let go of all your limitations and allow your heart’s desires to be created.

Here are some examples of Powerful Affirmations:

  • I have the power to control my health.
  • I deserve to be fit now.
  • I am ready, willing and deserving to be fit.
  • I adopt healthy behaviors.
  • I focus on my form while I exercise.
  • I respect and appreciate others who are fit.
  • I am guided by my true core desire.
  • I am strong, lean, and beautiful.
  • I am losing the unwanted weight surely and smoothly.
  • I am strong, intelligent, and handsome.
  • I am in control of my health and wellness.
  • I have abundant energy, vitality, and well-being.
  • Health and vitality flows into my veins.
  • I am healthy in all aspects of my being.
  • I am maintaining my ideal weight.
  • I am burning fat easily.
  • I am fit, healthy, and happy.
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Nordine Zouareg is a former Mr. Universe, an International Fitness Coach, Speaker and Author of the book Mind Over Body: The Key to Lasting Weight Loss is All in Your Head! He offers world-class advice on health and fitness, inner balance and stress management, and achieving one’s full potential the inner keys to extraordinary performance. An inspiring message of hope and achievement, based on his own extraordinary story. For more information, visit: www.NordineZ.com


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    I am a born again Christian living in Nairobi, Kenya. I live with a niece 22 years old who suffers epilepsy. As a Chriatian is it okay to consult a homeopathy for my niece.

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