January 23, 2017

Taylor Lautner

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Taylor Lautner, the heartthrob for many teenage girls made famous by the “Twilight” series, has confessed to constantly bouncing his knees.  An unconscious force keeps him from forcing his restless legs to stop moving all of the time.  The severity would even rock a car while driving!  That, my friends, is called Restless Leg Syndrome!

Whether Taylor Lautner recognizes this or not, the repetitive and uncontrollable urge to bounce your legs can be categorizes as RLS.  Thankfully, it appears his work does not suffer from this condition, nor does it interfere with his ability to date or distract from the likes of Taylor Swift!  If you can’t sit still, and not a result of nervous energy, then you can safely bet it might be early onset of restless leg syndrome.

Even for the cover of the “New Moon” Twilight edition, fans hoped to catch a glimpse of Lautner’s leg.  Would his “twitch” be evident or set in a stationary position?  It is hard to tell.  Taylor Lautner’s legs are covered by another character or mystified by forest smog.  Now, if we could all hide our flaws behind someone else – RLS, or not!

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