January 23, 2017

Helen Mirren And The Sexy Art Of Aging

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Revealing Age Defying Secrets To Staying Young And Sexy

Helen Mirren is a beautiful Oscar winner that looks better than many 45 year olds.  Unfortunately, today, with the excessive emphasis that is placed by society on youth, many women over 40 are beginning to feel unsexy – and with that often comes a tremendous feeling of insecurity.

But, the truth is there are plenty of sex appeal role models for them to aspire to: women like Dame Helen are by no means in the minority for looking sexy and stunning. Older women are more beautiful, more driven, more powerful and more prominent than ever before.

They all have one thing in common, however: they have taken care of themselves all their lives – and by this I mean eating a reasonably healthy diet, exercising moderately, and not allowing themselves to become overweight.

From the look of her face and her body, Helen Mirren has taken jolly good care of herself and her diet, and it shows. So, all hail Queen Helen. After all, there is nothing like a Dame.

She credits “vitamins, a healthy diet and exercise” for her incredible good looks, although she emphasizes that the desire to do certain activities is her impetus to exercise, not vanity.

But, her advice is the timeless kind that we should all follow anyway:

“Although I come and go about exercise. I do do it, but, honestly, it’s not particularly a beauty thing, it’s just that as one gets older, one has to keep up one’s energy levels, and if you want to do that, you can’t stop exercising.”

Older women are also looking after themselves. Studies consistently show that regular physical activity, a healthy diet, a positive attitude and maintenance of relationships and social engagements lead to a better old age.

Helen Mirren is a strong proponent of keeping a youthful attitude and sex appeal.  Here are Helen’s top 5 sexy shape-up secrets to keep fit:

  1. Bikini Body Diet. Always be on a diet, but don’t be afraid to enjoy the occasional hamburger or glass of champagne. Balance the excess out of your body!
  2. Way Fun. Wii Exercise. The 65-year-old actress can currently be seen jogging and practicing yoga moves in TV ads for Nintendo’s Wii Fit, which allows users to workout at home, but admits she nearly snubbed the offer because she doesn’t consider herself an exercise expert.
  3. Sleep for Beauty. The 64-year-old actress sleeps as much as it’s possible avoiding the parties and restaurants when working hard.
    “I sleep. When I’m working really hard, I don’t party. I don’t go to the bar after work. I don’t go out to restaurants. I just go to bed. If I’m on a film, I even try to catch some sleep in my trailer at lunchtime. I really try to sleep as much as possible. It’s very important and, as you get older, it becomes more so.”
  4. Be yourself. “Her sensuality comes from her honesty,” says Mirren’s husband Taylor Hackford. “She’s not hiding behind makeup or a baby-doll hairdo.  She’s the real thing.”
  5. Youth In Vitamin Tablets. Helen Mirren has admitted her love for Swiss apple stem cell products, know to reverse skin aging, increase the lifespan of human cells and delay the onset of wrinkles!

So, there you have it: No magical herbal remedies or wheat grass smoothies, just sensible, wholly unexciting and healthy advice. The prospect of looking a little more like sexy Dame Mirren at her age, or any age, is enormous incentive.

On her famous sex appeal Helen Mirren said, “I don’t think women do lose their sex appeal it just shifts, it is some indefinable thing that has to do with appreciation of life, appreciation of wisdom, there should be a special word for it.”

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