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Treating Vertigo: Balancing Fluid in the Ear

Dr. Scott Saunders, M.D.

A practicing physician, specializing in preventative health care, who utilizes eclectic health care for the whole family, including conventional, orthomolecular and natural medicine. He is also the medical director of The Integrative Medical Center of Santa Barbara in Lompoc, CA. He went to UCLA medical school and is board certified in family medicine.


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  1. Julia Gutierrez

    Learn more about Interesting Natural ways to Educate the public about this Situations… The different types of illnesses….

  2. Afton Jackson

    Recently, my wife has been suffering from dizziness. She is gathering info on different causes and treatments to try to get back to normal. I never realized peripheral vertigo is caused by an imbalance of fluid in the ear. I’ll be sure to pass this info along to my wife.

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