January 16, 2017

7 Healing Steps for Inflammation

How you handle your inflammation means everything. Discover how easily you can stop your inflammation and change your life’s direction and healing process in 7 simple steps.

Many of you remember our very first issue of Home Cures That Work when I introduced The  Wellness Ladder and promised to discuss its healing process and principles in more detail later. That day is here!

For our new readers, The Wellness Ladder is a helpful model based on 7 “rungs” that lead either to dis-ease or wellness. The rungs correlate to proven “healing principles” which ascend the ladder of wellness in 7 defined steps to recovery or descend into further sickness, pain and more suffering.

I have always used The Wellness Ladder to help give people an idea where they stand and to encourage them to keep striving to “live well” again.

In this month’s issue of Home Cures That Work, our health topic is all about the “fourth step” on The Wellness Ladder: INFLAMMATION!

Let’s trace back down the seven rung ladder of health to help you understand the ROOT CAUSE of what ails you:

  • The first step down is loss of life energy
  • The second step is toxicity
  • The third step is stress
  • The fourth step is inflammation
  • The fifth step is degeneration
  • The sixth step is stiffness
  • The seventh step is mutation

Understanding each step down the ladder will give you the wherewithal to help stop the dis-ease you’re suffering from and give you an opportunity to reverse your direction before it’s too late.

My exhaustive research confirms once you’ve identified the real cause of your dis-ease, then you can trace back up the ladder and ultimately, with genuine care, revive your original state of vitality, health and wellness.

To point a fact: only treating your symptoms fails to address the cause or reverse dis-ease.

The “fourth rung” of inflammation is most crucial whether you are descending or ascending. It’s how you deal with your inflammation that will determine which way you are going on your own personal wellness ladder. As you already know, you want to be going up it, not down.

Here’s a little known secret:

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I hope this information will help you reach the top of your own wellness ladder and sustain your most optimum health.


  1. [email protected] says:

    Okay you talk about “free” water enhanced with sea salt. Do I make my own? What’s the recipe?
    Another question, what’s your take on city water that contains chlorine? How about fluoride?

  2. “Free water” pertains to the available water within your body available to your cells. It is not a beverage you create, but a byproduct of the food and water you drink – seasoned with sea salt.

    We have a few articles that address the fluoride in your water:
    1. http://www.homecuresthatwork.com/slideshow/hidden-dangers-in-your-water/
    2. http://www.homecuresthatwork.com/slideshow/what-does-your-teeth-say-about-your-health/
    3. http://www.homecuresthatwork.com/slideshow/daily-dose-arsenic/

    Or, simply use the search field on the home page to find other articles that pertain to inflammation, water and fluoride on Home Cures That Work.


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