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Amanda Box

Amanda Box is a Traditional Naturopath and a graduate of Clayton College of Natural Health. She’s been in the health and wellness industry for over 12 years and currently practices naturopathic consulting in the Kansas City, Missouri area. Her passion is helping others achieve wellness of the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. If you don’t have a good local naturopathic practitioner to turn to for your personal needs, Amanda does phone consultations! She can help you with weight loss, detox/cleansing, acute and chronic illnesses, skin and body care, grocery shopping, pantry overhauls, and more!

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  1. Melinda

    Can castor oil cure HPV?? Or what can

  2. Henrietta

    I have tried several things to get rid of tinea pedias but they only got overwhelming and monotonous. I have used Castor oil for bursitis and it really helped. I am wondering since its the trifecta would it help with tinea pedias? Thanks for any info.

  3. admin
  4. Deborah Houston

    Tinea pedia is a fungus. Fungus grows in dark moisture places. You need to make sure you feet are clean and dry for majority of the day. Apply garlic and tea tree oil on the area. I had this fungus in middle school because I was always in sneakers. Flip flops/ sandals are your friends.

  5. Donna

    Iwas just diagnosed recently with Lyme disease
    joint pain headache pressure brain fog constipation , weight gain are among most if the problems would castor oil work in helping this issue
    Please let me know what would help

  6. admin
  7. Doris

    Hi, I found your article pretty interesting right now I’m doing castor oil packs laying on my stomach, I was just diagnosed with a 7cm ovarian cyst, which I’m trying as many health remedies to make it go away I also have a severely damaged spinal

  8. Doris

    Hi, thank you for your article. Founded very interesting. I am suffering from a herniated disc on L5 and I was just diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. I hope castor oil packs can help for both of these illnesses. If you have an idea what I can do to make these two go away for sure instead of going through painful surgery I would really appreciate it 🙂

  9. Rachel

    I don’t understand why you say onions are great to put around your house in this article, but in another one (where you are debunking myths) “5 remedies that don’t work and 1 that really does” you say a bowl of onions for sickness is useless unless you are cooking those onions in your chicken soup… so before I suffer with onions around my house I’d like to make sure it will help…. thank you for clearing this up!

  10. Cheryl Ravey
    Cheryl Ravey

    This article does point out that an onion “is said to absorb airborne viruses and bacteria” while the other article states onions are better in chicken soup! This is a matter of opinion and much like natural remedies, something that works for one may not work for another!

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