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A Smoothie That Stops Cravings

Cheryl Ravey

Cheryl is our Undercover Superstar, as she manages the entire production of our monthly eMagazine we call Home Cures That Work, our blog and our social media accounts. She recently married and moved from Chicago to the Sunshine State, where she enjoys kayaking, camping and scuba diving with her husband. Cheryl also loves to bake, run, do mission work and travel.

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  1. Cassandra Anderson

    Thank you, so very much for this Recipe however, I could use many, many more like it. You see I so desperately, need to loose at least 200 ponds/lbs…
    I sincerely appreciate all your help with my problem and other health issues.
    Yours Truly, Cassandra A.

  2. admin
    admin Author

    Cassandra, tell us what you want to know! We’d love to help you more!

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