January 23, 2017

Natural Treatments for Eye Problems

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Pat had no health problems until she started having trouble reading at night.  She went to her eye doctor who told her she had “retinopathy,” a condition associated with diabetes.  Tests showed that she did indeed have diabetes type 2.  She was told she needed laser surgery on her retinas, but before they could do it, they would have to remove her cataracts.  She had each cataract removed separately, then the laser surgery, but her eyesight still didn’t improve.

We worked with her for many months getting her weight down, keeping her sugar under control and giving her lots of anti-oxidant foods and supplements.  The only fruit she ate was berries.  She had to give up all her favorite foods because she had a sweet-tooth and loved breads and cereals.  She ate lots (6 cups per day) of vegetables of all colors – she said she thought she would turn into a rabbit!  However, she gradually increased her vision to near-normal and was able to read again at night.

It’s not uncommon for people to find the complications of diabetes before they even know they have it.  This is because a person can go for many years without the typical symptoms of high blood sugar: thirsty all the time, having to urinate frequently, getting up at night several times with a full bladder and so forth.  Eye problems are very common with diabetics.  Since diabetes is associated with both cataracts and retinopathy, or damage to the retina of the eye, it illustrates well both prevention and natural treatment of these eye disorders.


When I was in medical school, we were taught to wait until something got really bad before treating it.  For example, if a test was done that showed a 50% blockage of an artery in the heart, we were then to tell the patient to wait until it got to 80% and then treat it.

The same was true of cataracts in the eyes.  If the clouding of the lens was minimal, we were supposed to wait until it limited their vision before we were to have the patient treated.  One eye doctor I worked with told me, “The worse the cataract, the better. That way, they don’t mind the problems of the implanted lens.”

Orthodox medicine doesn’t keep up with science – it takes thirty to fifty years for medical schools to begin teaching the current knowledge so most doctors have a whole career without ever-changing their practice.  For example, it took fifty years and thousands of sailors’ deaths before the British navy required lime juice on every ship to prevent scurvy.

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Simulated Cataract Vision

Well, we no longer have to wait for near-blindness to have a surgery – nor do we have to live with artificial lenses.  There are several studies that show a pair of amino acids can stop – and even reverse cataracts.

Carnosine is a natural dipeptide (protein) that is found abundantly in muscles and brain.  It has three effects on the eyes:

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