January 16, 2017

Dong Quai: Natural Menopause Treatment

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How to Balance Low Female Hormone Levels during Menopause. Dong Quai is a Natural Herbal Remedy to Increase Estrogen and Progesterone.


Benefits of Dong Quai

Over its million years of existence Dong Quai root has had a variety of medicinal uses. Ancient Chinese civilization used to use it as a sedative, aphrodisiac, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antispasmodic and is often referred to as the “female ginseng.”

Dong Quai root contains phytoestrogens, which have been proven to have a biological structure, which is chemically similar to estrogen. This component of many phytoestrogenic plants is capable of regenerating diminished estrogen levels. Estrogen is a key part of the body and an imbalance can cause a number of painful or embarrassing menopause symptoms for women approaching middle age.

Chinese herbalists usually soak the root in wine or boil it in water, discard the root and drink the liquid as a tonic. Apart from being helpful in soothing menstrual issues, Dong Quai root is also used to combat high blood pressure and anemia.

Dong Quai Root is also known for being able to treat the following effectively:

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Relief from menstrual disorders such as irregular bleeding
  • The relaxing of peripheral blood vessels
  • Spasms
  • Relief from menopausal symptoms

Advantages of Dong Quai

  • Dong Quai root as a viable option to female hormone replacement therapy: Dong Quai is useful for treating hot flashes, night sweats and sleeplessness, the latter usually occurs as a result of night sweats and sometimes itching. For maximum effect Dong Quai should be taken with black cohosh.
  • Dong Quai root as treatment for other conditions: Dong Quai is also used for effectively treating PMS, arthritis, and lowering blood pressure.
  • Dong Quai root is an efficient treatment method for menopause symptoms: This herb aids in regulating the levels of estrogen in your body, which also assists in relieving menopause symptoms. Moreover, Dong Quai is a mild sedative that will help reduce mood swings and stress related to menopause.


If you are taking an anticoagulant (blood-thinning) medication or a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (such as ibuprofen), check with your doctor before trying Dong Quai as it will have additive blood thinning and anti-inflammatory properties. Dong Quai also contains substances called psoralens that can react to sunlight, especially in fair-skinned people. Dong Quai may have a mild laxative effect, and menstrual bleeding may increase when taking Dong Quai. Stop taking Dong Quai if a skin rash or photosensivity develops. Don’t take Dong Quai if you are pregnant or nursing. Dong Quai root has also been linked to aggravate the spread of breast cancer cells. As with all herbal and dietary supplements, you should always inform your physician about what you are taking in order to avoid potentially dangerous drug interactions.

The Natural Way

Traditional Chinese medicine refers to Dong Quai as the Queen of female herbs because of its beneficial effects on the female reproductive system in much the same way as ginseng is popular for increasing potency of men. In fact, Dong Quai ranks only next to licorice in frequency of use in Chinese herbal medicine. Its optimizing effect on female hormones, its healing properties for uterine disorders and its richness in nutritional supplements make it valuable as an aphrodisiac for women.

Dong Quai:

  • May be used as a general woman’s tonic for female reproductive health
  • Promotes hormonal balance
  • Helps maintain healthy estrogen and progesterone levels in menopause symptoms
  • Promotes emotional balance to address PMS “blues”
  • Provides long-term benefits for female health

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