January 23, 2017

Best Anti-Aging. Of Dustmites and Bed Bugs.

What More Can Microscopic Bugs Do To Damage Our
Anti-Aging Beauty Efforts?

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After a grueling week of moving, my wife fell asleep on our apartments carpeted floor. Not one to be driven by anti-aging beauty and it’s many expensive products and time consuming regimens, she thought noting of getting-up and going about her day.

As one of the more observant men of the species, I did have to point out how puffy her eyes were and pale her skin was. Not, of course, commented on her outer anti-aging beauty, rather simply making her aware of what a difficult night of sleep on the hard carpeted floor can do to her skin and complexion.

Well, that was all I had to say. Now, I was being enlisted to find the causes of these irregularities and treat them immediately with whatever was available. After all, she was really puffy. So off I went to determine the common causes of her afflictions, or allergies and what there was available to treat them.

I wasn’t in fact, the one who first came up with the dust mite theory. It was she, who blurted it out as we covered an almost complete list of possible carpet related causes of puffy eyes, sallow skin and fatigue (not to mention, the carpet wasn’t that comfortable a sleep). So beyond the substantial dust and poor breathing that a combined with a lack of oxygen can produce, we considered the environmental issues related to cockroach eggs, dander (pets), mites, chemical allergies, rug dyes, sleeping on hard surfaces and even bed bugs without the beds.

The initial consideration was that the difficult environment to breath, was a cause for the discolored skin not to mention the sleeping position). As it is, her shallow breathes often causes headaches. A night on the carpet would exacerbate this. In addition, we couldn’t know for sure if any bed bugs had contacted her directly, but certainly, despite the cleaning of the carpet that morning, any eggs, or carcasses would likely still be in the fibers. Few, if any vacuums can truly claim to rid the carpet of 99% of allergens, if that is what they truly are.

Yes, it all seems quite gross when considering what might be in the microscopic world of carpet fibers, but consider if you will the minute size of some chemical molecules and the damage just a few parts per million of them can do to our bodies and minds. For this reason it is very wise to limit the use of deep pile carpets in your home and to take considerable care when cleaning them, whether you have reactions or not, (I’m not one to label every reaction an “allergy.” That is for the Western docs to chase down. In fact, our body’s immune systems are often quite capable of dealing with these environmental hazards if it is healthy enough and that last comment is key).

We should also consider the individual in question and what their medical backgrounds are? In this case, she had certain weaknesses to allergens and the dust alone could cause her to retain water and increase blood flow to the under-eye area. For myself, I didn’t suffer the same “reactions” to sleeping on the caret. Perhaps because I didn’t sleep, but a little upright walking, cool air and water to help drain out the nights lethargy and possible mites and bed bugs, did the trick over the course of the day. If we had had some cucumber, I would have recommended that too!

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What long-term impact this would have on her anti-aging beauty appearance was limited at best. Many individuals are concerned about constant puffy eyes and allergic reactions. On the face, continued exposure to these harsh sleep environments will have an affect, such as broken blood vessels, darkening circles (pooling blood under the eyes, puffiness) and the like, but nipping the reactions before they become ingrained is the key and women are better at this than men. Men, you should take note of this.



by Lorne Caplan, adapted from www.hs-zc.com


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