January 23, 2017

Naomi Judd: Shift Happens

Overcoming A Death Sentence, Naomi Breakthroughs With A Personal Survival Health Regime

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A successful artist diagnosed with Hepatitis C, Naomi Judd was forced to retire and search for a cure. Naomi overturned her death sentence by coming to terms with her healing through mind, body and spiritual research, including the role of emotions in building a healthy immune system. Judd turned to alternative remedies after traditional treatments failed to treat her Hepatitis C. Taking responsibility for her recovery, she focused on stress relief and finding personal reward, especially in family life.

Putting her Hepatitis C recovery story to paper and inspiration, Naomi Judd penned a book: “Naomi’s Breakthrough Guide: 20 Choices to Transform Your Life.” (2004) New York, NY: Simon & Schuster. Her belief that choosing how to react (to addiction or disease) will uncover a divine order for understanding whatever happens.

“Surviving isn’t as complicated and mysterious as you’re probably thinking. What it takes is (1) a great deal of faith in oneself, (2) an openness to taking in new information, and (3) a belief in a higher power.” ~ Naomi Judd

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