January 23, 2017

Joan Rivers – Facing Osteoporosis with Humor

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Joan Rivers is quoted joking about osteoporosis, “My bones click so much that dolphins try to pick up on me.” However, osteoporosis is no laughing matter! But, leave it to celebrity Joan Rivers to make light — and make progress — with the disease.

At the light age of 64, Joan went in for a complete work up and results of a bone density test revealed she could fall down the stairs, not because she would trip but, because her bones might break.  Osteoporosis hadn’t shown any signs or symptoms, yet it was stalking Joan’s life waiting for an opportunity to make a wisecrack of its own: snap, crackle, pop!

The Queen of comedy has some surprising one-liners in response to the nosebleed section of osteoporosis that has tried to “boo” her off stage:

  • Walk everywhere
  • Choose the stairs over the elevator
  • Exercise 3x/week with weights
  • Take nutritional supplements

This regime has served to not only strengthen Joan River’s bones, but strengthen her stage presence.  Joan became an Ambassador for the National Osteoporosis Foundation and champions reversing the symptoms of osteoporosis.

Known for her love of jewelry, and wearing a myriad of beads and bangle bracelets on her arms, Joan says osteoporosis prevention can help women “avoid having a walker become of one of their ‘must-have’ accessories.” She suggests, “A few extra laps while shopping and have a latte decaf rather than plain coffee” to ensure women get their daily dose of exercise, calcium and vitamin D.

Diet is an important part of osteoporosis prevention. Calcium-rich foods supplemented with vitamin D include yogurt, cheese, milk, sardines with bones and green, leafy vegetables.

Joan Rivers humorously points out that while people look beautiful on the outside they should be paying more attention to keeping their bones strong. After all, beauty is bone deep!

Let the last laugh be on osteoporosis!





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