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Can God Heal Fibromyalgia Or Is It Indeed Incurable?

Steve Hickey

Steve Hickey is the founding pastor of Church at the Gate in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He also teaches leadership in Greece for John Maxwell’s EQUIP Million Leader Mandate. In 2010, Steve was elected to the South Dakota House of Representatives and is a national voice for the unborn. He’s written several books, including his latest, Momentum: God’s Ever Increasing Kingdom ( He is currently in Scotland studying Ethics and Bonhoeffer.


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  1. Cathy Knoy

    I am treasurer of Bruno Groening Circle of Friends which is a international spiritual healing group which relies on God for healing. Our group is located in Indianapolis, In. We meet every three weeks for 90 minutes and listen to stories of healings and then we meditate as a group. There is no fee for our meeting, we just accept donations. We are suppose to meditate every day for 10 minutes a day by ourselves. I have noticed that my pain level is down from Fibromyalgia and I am able to sleep better. But, if I don’t have time to meditate my pain returns, so I don’t consider myself completely healed. If you hear of anyone in the Indianapolis area that needs healing, can you direct them my way, as we are a new group that is trying to get started. Thank you to any help you can provide.

    Cathy Knoy

  2. Rachel Jeffries

    I am a minister and have prayed for people with this issue of fibromyalga and have been healed of it myself. I did not even know I had it, but knew something was wrong. Finally a doctor who had studied much about it recognized it and told me what it was. I began to study about it as well as learn foods that would trigger the problem. To say a couple of things I practiced and still do still today is: I eat nothing with additives in it. It is either fresh food or frozen. I stay away from canned goods unless I purchased them at a health food store. I then read all the labels to be sure there was nothing in them which triggered pain and stiffness. I noticed this particularly in spaghetti sauce. I purchase that sauce through a health food store or I do not use it at all.

    I believe one of the root causes is the women are overloaded with the biggest part of the load for keeping the home emotionally stable. It is an issue many do not think about, but if the husband is not treating the wife right and taking the responsiblity of helping keep the home united and peaceful it has a lot to do with it. It believe it is one of the root causes of these symthons. It is affecting more women than men so this is something we must think about in helping solve this problem. If a man will lead and pray in his home and support the wife emotionally these symthons lessen. In addressing this issue in prayer you might just ask the woman if she feels overloaded emotionally or had felt this way for quite sometime. If she says, yes, then the root cause may very well be this and they need help trying to solve this issue in their lives with prayer and sound godly counsel.

    During this learning peroid I felt hopeless as I had been a very active person who suddenly was not functional. I went to a school which had healing and prayer everyday. I was prayed for there and listened to the WORD OF GOD being taught how it is God’s will to heal you. I still listen to things along these lines often to keep my faith built up. I also attended a meeting in which healing was prayed for, but was not in the healing line but in the enviornment and I sensed a warmness go over my body and from that point on I was healed by manifestation. The other classes had lessened the symthons and helped me overcome too.

    I have had a couple doctors argue with me about it saying it was not possible for me to be healed of this, so I refuse to see a doctor who will not accept this as happening to me. I know that I know I was healed.

  3. Betty

    I have Fibromyalgia and I first developed it from a car accident, there was a lot of trauma involved. I strained the nerves in my back and I had a terrible whip lash. I was close to breaking my neck and I cracked my sternum near the back. Later when I was recovering from the accident and going to physio my therapist discovered that there was something else wrong, I had sore muscle areas all over my back. She sent a note to my doctor to have me go to a specialist and get tested. I found out from that doctor from the tests that I had Fibromyalgia. I was having a lot of pain and stiffness with my neck and was just feeling awful, like some unknown sickness. I was told to go and exercise and to go to the pool for acquafit. I started with some stretching light exercises in the pool and moved up to more exercises in the water in acquafit. It was all helpful, but I was still having problems. When I went back to work, I could hardly cope and work started to play tricks on me. They were trying to get rid of me and so they caused different problems, it was a form of emotional abuse. I remember one day I left work and I was just so stressed out and beside myself and feeling so weak. With all the problems I was having it felt like an evil spririt was trying to attack me. I arrived home and was in my car and I started to pray. I am religious and I prayed about everything and ask God to help me, I ask for forgiveness from all my sins and said I would accept Jesus into my heart and work for him. After I prayed this, I had a supernatural experience, I know it was the Holy Spririt and that it came to me and went right inside me and I felt a great Love, and then Peace and Joy. I was sitting down so I did not fall but it was an amazing feeling I will never forget. I got out of the car and everything had changed I felt light and joyful and no more depression I did not feel any pain, I felt I had been lifted and that I would even be able to deal with things at work and that they would stop there abuse. I was so excited and ran in and told my husband and he was not sure what to say. I was healed emotionally that day and the evil was gone as well and I was so much better with the Fibromyalgia, but I still had to exercise, I still had some problems with it, but it was now manageable. I was not totally healed, but I was so much better, I felt that the way I was I would die. I have found that exercise and eating properly and also living a balanced life helps the Fibromyalgia. I believe God can heal you totally, but for some reason did not totally heal me. I think he wanted me to keep working on becoming fit and to accomplish better eating habits and success in healing myself. I have trouble with the weather before it rains and I know when we are going to have bad weather. As for my job everything settled down after that, because God had stepped in. I worked at that place for 14 years many years after the accident. Before the amazing experience I had prayed a number of times for God to help me. Finally when the crunch came and the Devil was trying to step in because I was weak and people were attacking me and I was sick God finally came to assist me. I could not take any drugs because I was too sensitive and they would make me sick. The only place I could turn to was God and God was all I needed. Fibromyalgia has a lot to do with nerves and the Chinese say it is an energy thing that walking helps you obtain your electrodes as well as exercise. You have to get your sleep because people with Fibromyalgia don’t sleep well, some doctors think that is part of the problem. We don’t get into a deep enough sleep. I seem to become the other way sometimes where I am too hyper which plays back and forth between being tired. It is important to get your vitamins and eat right. You have to live a balanced life. When I say balance I also mean spiritually you have to reach for God, he stands at the door and knocks and you must answer the door.
    My doctor did not do much for me, but she believed in Fibromyalgia and she knew I had it. She was very supportive that I exercise and encouraged me. She tried to help me all she could but her knowledge was limited and I could not take drugs. Even today I don’t take drugs. I hope this helps some people.

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