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Top 15 Magnesium Supplements

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  1. […] Magnesium not only helps your muscles to relax, but also aids sleep and allows for a more calm & balanced state of mind. Low levels of this mineral make nearly every disease worse, whether you are dealing with Restless Leg Syndrome, depression or cardiovascular disease. […]

  2. May

    I take a combination of remag/relyte, I notice that my body reacts whenever I take it. I feel it down my legs , both sides of lower abdomen. But I was told to take it to help with normalizing the blood pressure dosage of 2.5ml /75mg

  3. […] Many people who have fibromyalgia crave chocolate. One reason for this is because chocolate’s high magnesium content. And magnesium is something that most fibromyalgia patients lack. […]

  4. […] provided by kefir allow the body to absorb the necessary bone-building materials: calcium and magnesium.[8] Kefir is also an important source of vitamin K2, which plays a vital role in metabolizing […]

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