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Natural Acid Reflux Permanent Cure

Cheryl Ravey

Cheryl is our Undercover Superstar, as she manages the entire production of our monthly eMagazine we call Home Cures That Work, our blog and our social media accounts. She recently married and moved from Chicago to the Sunshine State, where she enjoys kayaking, camping and scuba diving with her husband. Cheryl also loves to bake, run, do mission work and travel.

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  1. Robert Lanz

    You have indicated that acid production by the stomach usually is too little not too much. There must be someway to test stomach conents to determine how much acid is being generated without using the endoscope. Back in 1948 my Doctor had me take samples of my stomach contents several times daily by inserting a rubber tube thru my nose down into the stomch and pulling a sample out with a medical sryinge. which was then tested for Ph. Is that type of thing available today??????????? Apple Cider Vinegar, eating apples, fiber,honey,etc have not worked to reduce the discomfort I have nightly from acid reflux from my endoscoped diagnosed hiatal hernia..
    Robert Lanz

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