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6 Tips for Computer Eye Strain Relief

Grandma Barton

Grandma Barton is mother to Joe Barton (founder of Barton Publishing), grandmother to 6 grandkids and 28 step-grandkids, and over 3,000 Home Cures That Work members. She was a two-time breast cancer survivor with the help of Dr. Saunders and natural remedies. She lost her battle to stage IV cancer that spread from breast to her bones in 2015. Grandma loved finding cures within the home to treat all sorts of ailments. With tips she’s learned on the farm and along the way, Grandma Barton was a time-tested and trusted voice when it comes to home remedies. She really is an inspiration to us all.

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  1. pst bless

    Thanks for sharing this great tips, i a love it very much, i have bookmarked this blog and will recommend it to my friends.

  2. Harvey Lee

    Eye strain is a common problem today. It can happen for a number of reasons. These are very useful tips for eye strain. After working on computer whole day my eyes feels so tired. Then I use potato slices and a my eyes feel refreshed after using this.

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