January 18, 2017

Heart Health Depends On Those Who Help Their Cells!

Superior Natural Alternatives to Aspirin and Acetaminophen, without the harmful risk of internal bleeding, metabolic damage and tissue destruction.

It seems Americans have been abandoned in the waiting room of health care reform. The question of the day seems to be what to do when an aspirin a day just doesn’t work.

In the Beginning…There Was Aspirin

In fact, the whole “take an aspirin a day” lie may be actually doing more harm than good. About a decade ago, experts mistakenly started recommending people consume Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin (blood thinner)— like candy.

This new marketing approach of recommending drugs for symptoms people don’t have is referred to as “primary prevention.” I’m seeing more and more of this kind of dangerous thinking as drug companies continue suggesting “imaginary benefits” from consuming drugs before symptoms appear. By the way, “primary prevention” has nothing to do with preventing “the cause” of heart disease or anything else.

Please keep in mind: drugs are NOT foods, nutrients or vitamins, and true health is more than just being symptom free.

Any clinical studies I have seen only vaguely suggest it might be beneficial to take aspirin on a daily basis. They recommend anyone who has hypertension, high cholesterol or is overweight take aspirin every day.

The truth is, the second major cause of ulcers is from regular use of NSAIDs and aspirin. Unfortunately, its not uncommon for doctors to prescribe additional drugs to help people deal with the gastro-intestinal damage caused by the Over-The-Counter (OTC) chemicals and prescription NSAIDs they started them on to begin with.

Because aspirin was the first non-prescription “panacea” offered by drug companies, it was a Big Money producer. But when it was discovered to trigger irritation, ulceration and obstruction due to the swelling and scarring inflicted upon people’s intestines, it quickly lost popularity.

Then Came Acetaminophen

That’s when drug companies started developing further modified versions of aspirin, hence Acetaminophen. The problem is Acetaminophen poisoning

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