January 16, 2017

Stallone Hopes Hindu Herbs Will Ease Chronic Knee Pain

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Sylvester Stallone by Flickr ashokha

Few figures are as iconic and meaningful to American than Sylvester Stallone. He, and others such as Schwarzenegger and Willis, set the standard for manliness through their epic films featuring death and destruction, delivering witty quips for us all. Of those three, the only one who’s managed to stay in natural rocking shape is Sylvester Stallone.

At the age of 62, Stallone’s go-to workout has remained basically unchanged since his first days of Rambo. As a result, he may have bounded up the stairs during everyone’s favorite Rocky scene, but these days persistent knee pain has Sylvester Stallone moving at a slower pace.

To relieve his achy joints, the action man has embraced ayurveda, the ancient system of medicine of India, after befriending alternative medicine experts as he prepared for Bollywood movie Unfortunate Love in Los Angeles.

He has not been Sly about his enthusiasm for the effectiveness of this Eastern practice. The herbal-based ayurveda regulates the imbalance of three bodily energies – pitta (bile), kapha (phlegm) and vata (wind). This balance can be recreated by changing person’s diet, thoughts and habits.

“Sly is the most disciplined man that you’ll ever meet in any walk of life,” says his personal bodyguard Gary Compton. “He doesn’t eat real late, he doesn’t snack, and he doesn’t eat much. Pasta? Yes, but not too often, and only when it’s made with a special flour. Fish and brown rice are staples. He even eats fish for breakfast. He drinks little alcohol, but occasionally enjoys champagne. Quick energy? Would you believe oatmeal cookies? Of course, without processed sugar of preservatives.”

The ayurvedic form of treatment in recent past is fast gaining popularity in helping people suffering from chronic pain, celebrity or not. It improves the blood circulation in joints, removing unwanted toxins and other waste products. These are safe herbal medicines to cure joint pains and other musculo-skeletal problems naturally. You can try the following:

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Turmeric by Flickr Carlos Lorenzo

  • Turmeric, a member of ginger family, has great medicinal properties and heals inflammation and mild joint pain. Ayurvedic experts are of the opinion that turmeric reduces joint pain to a great extent.
  • Feverfew capsules, taken once or twice a day, help due to its anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Ginger being an anti-inflammatory herb is considered as effective in chronic pain relief.
  • Six drops each of chamomile essential oil can be added to four ounces of carrier oil such as soybean, sesame, avocado or almond. These can be added to warm bath and the painful area can be soaked for a few minutes.
  • Shallaki is the herbal anti-inflammatory and natural pain-killer that restores movement and reconstructs the shape of the joint by recreating cartilage and fluid.

There you have it. If a 62-year old man such as Sylvester Stallone can cure chronic pain with ayurveda, then so can you!





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