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Dr. Saunders’ Easy DETOX Program – For Life!

Cheryl Ravey

Cheryl is our Undercover Superstar, as she manages the entire production of our monthly eMagazine we call Home Cures That Work, our blog and our social media accounts. She recently married and moved from Chicago to the Sunshine State, where she enjoys kayaking, camping and scuba diving with her husband. Cheryl also loves to bake, run, do mission work and travel.

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    My carotid arteries were tested and found to be 70% blocked. I was advised to get surgery to remove the blockage I did not get the surgery because of my age (90). I have poor circulation and so the doctor put me on Coumidin. My question is……will the blood thinner keep the blockage under control?

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  3. Life After Detox

    […] Detoxification proponents assert that a short-term, very restricted, very low calorie diet eliminates the toxins that build up in your system over time. Clear out the toxins, so the theory goes, and you will find that all your biologic systems function better. Unfortunately, the science supporting any long terms benefits of a detoxification is mixed, at best. […]

  4. […] as “alternative medicine,” a approaches embody nutritional supplements, dietary regimens, detoxification protocols, acupuncture, energy healing, homeopathy, chiropractic, traditional Indian medicine, and whatever […]

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