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Bed Bug Spray Review

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  1. Devon

    About 30 years ago, I moved into an apartment that was infested/saturated with cat fleas. When the cat moved out, the fleas moved in – to my personal space, and ate me to pieces for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I was so badly bitten, I was barely recognizable. The itch caused terrible sores all over the main parts of my body, as do bed bug bites.

    Fleas often carry worm eggs and disease from the animals they bite. Bed bugs carry other deadly diseases from the animals and people they bite.

    The pest control people were brought in. They sprayed with Diazanon liquid, which (I didn’t know then, but do now) is deadly. In fact, I was pregnant at that time and suddenly miscarried.

    It took me weeks of research to find out that sprinkling natural diatomaceous earth (Canadian trade name: INSECTIGONE, to get rid of garden insects on plants) all over everything, leaving for 24 hours, then vacuuming, gets rid of any live insects.

    Pure diatomaceous earth with no additives is edible, and can provide calcium to people and pets, so is not dangerous. Just don’t sniff it in or it will cause sneezing. It’s best to wear a scarf or mask over the face, when sprinkling.

    The way it works: Diatomaceous earth is a white powder composed of minute shells of sea animals. The Earth gets into the insects’ joints, preventing them from jumping or crawling; therefore, they are no longer able to move, eat, bite, or reproduce.

    The vacuuming/sprinkling needs to be done daily, on everything, until they all disappear. I didn’t have such a thing, but if a natural spray is used between sprinklings, it should kill the larvae before more insects hatch, too.
    With this 3-fold method, all these insects could be removed from all beds, housing, hotels, etc., around the World. But it would take some concentrated, co-ordination, World-wide

  2. Ms. AD

    Bedbug Review Best Yet

    First let me say this.If your like me and bedbugs just freaks you out to where you can’t sleep at the bedbug hours, YOU’VE been Traumatized! My kids brought them home from school. So now they have to strip at the door and everything goes in a plastic bag. Even book bags.We don’t have company, Unless they wanna strip too. Its that serious.
    Ive recently have used Best Yet and it works. It kills on contact and its natural, so you can go crazy with it without worrying about health hazard. Its residual for bedbugs is 10 days, so i sprayed every 8 days. So i live in a 3bdm duplex house without attic. I bought the $125 best yet gallon kit it comes with the compression pump sprayer. The gallon gave me 3 whole house sprays. Let me add, i threw couches out and covered all mattresses with bedbug encasements. I feel this product is too expensive to be focused on the couches. Ur gonna use too much. The jug says People,Places and Pets. I love it. It really helped my mental state for sure. I was able to spray myself and around bed before bed, which made it possible to get some sleep.
    I also bought some food grade diatomaeus earth(D.E) to dust the perimeter and everywhere else i can think of, plus its good for you to consume.

    This info IS going to help end ur bedbug battle. Your so very WELCOMED. xoxoxo

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