January 23, 2017

Spiritual Clarity for those Navigating the Fog of Autism

In general, we all find disease frustrating and can easily empathize with those afflicted and affected. However, diseases that effect children stir up a whole different set of emotions ranging from anger to zeal – anger in terms of how could this be happening and zeal to conquer.

One out of every one hundred sixty-six (1 of 166) children in America is diagnosed with autism.  Despite numerous advancements in understanding and treating autism, it remains shrouded in mystery and misunderstood even by the medical community – for the most part. There is much written on this subject; but unlike a generation ago, parents today have resources and support at their fingertips, thanks in part to the internet. What follows is my attempt to contribute to the conversation — and controversy.

Over the years, as I’ve interacted with parents of autistic children, several questions are raised about autism and how it relates to God, healing and hope. These questions bear repeating here and my prayer is that my response to the questions will benefit you. Before I begin, let me mention that it is okay to question God. Jesus said ask, seek and knock. It’s even okay to bang on heaven’s door. God wants to be known by you. The more you press into knowing him, the more the difficulties in the world make sense.

The “Why Me?” Question – Why did God choose me

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