January 23, 2017

Letter From The Editor

We are a nation addicted to quick, super sweet, high processed foods. As a result, we have altered our palates with an unhealthy skew for sweet and sugary tastes.

Sugar, we know, is one of the most dangerous ingredients on the market. It’s addictive, added to almost every processed food, and will make you overweight, depressed and sick if you eat too much.

Many look to Mother Nature for some alternatives to mainstream sweeteners to help stay healthier. Stevia is a “new” zero calorie sweetener that is gaining popularity. It does not raise blood insulin levels, which is one reason stevia has become so popular.

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But, is this “miracle” sweetener more natural compared to artificial sweeteners?

Dr. Saunders believes stevia is hijacking your taste buds. It ruins your ability to taste the subtle sweetness of other natural foods and intensifies your addiction to sugary foods. Furthermore, he points out our bodies are not designed or evolved to handle calorie-free sweeteners–be it natural or artificial. If you want to conquer your health problems, then Dr. Saunders suggests it time you consider a sugar detox, which includes stevia! The result will support your metabolism and your hormones!

On the other hand, our naturopath Amanda Box supports stevia to build us out of our obsession with sweetness. Stevia, supported by research, has an excellent safety profile. It is sweet. It is natural. For a nutrition upgrade, replace your artificial sweeteners with stevia, but keep portion control in mind.

Home Cures That Work doesn’t sugar coat the truth. Don’t give your body artificial attention, which is super-high doses of sweet minus any valuable nutrients. Renew your sweet taste buds by bringing back nature’s sweets – fruit and vegetables in their whole form (ready-to-eat, dried and frozen). The less processed it is, the better as you will get the nutrients in the balance nature intended, which will translate into the body using it most efficiently.

If you are interested in detoxing from sugar, check out the August 2013 issue of Home Cures That Work.

To A Healthier You,

Cheryl Inghram

Editor, Barton Publishing

How do you feel about stevia? Do you love it, hate it or are you on the fence?


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