January 22, 2017

Top 15 Magnesium Supplements


Updated January, 2016

Magnesium is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body and impacts blood pressure, metabolism, immune function and many other aspects of health. Some experts claim that magnesium deficiency is the single largest health problem in our world today.

Magnesium is needed for proper metabolism and nervous system functioning.  Most are able to obtain sufficient amounts of magnesium from diet, but a magnesium deficiency may lead to elevated blood pressure and increased risk of osteoporosis. The magnesium mineral can reduce blood vessel spasms and relax muscles, which may assist in preventing migraines.  A British Columbia Research study published in Cephalalgia showed that patients who took a magnesium supplement(600/mg a day) for 12 weeks had significantly fewer migraines within 9 weeks.

If you are on diuretic medications or if you suffer from the following conditions, then you may be low in magnesium:

Magnesium deficiency is more common than many people suspect, and below are 5 warning signs that could indicate a deficiency in this important mineral.

  • top 15 magnesium supplements 2Irritability
  • Depression
  • Muscle weakness/cramps
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Ringing in the ears or hearing loss
  • Kidney stones
  • Sleep problems
  • Low energy
  • Bone health

Regular use of magnesium can:

Magnesium comes in a variety of chemical forms, including magnesium oxide, magnesium gluconate, and magnesium citrate.  These supplements were tested by an independent lab company for accurate labeled dosages, purity of the magnesium concentrate, absorption and side effects.


  • ReMag Magnesium Solution – contained only 61.5%  of its claimed amount of magnesium.
  • Country life Bone Solid (a combination product with vitamin K1 and K2) – contained only 76.2% of  vitamin K and none of the vitamin K2
  • Shaklee OsteoMatrix  – contained 182.7% of the listed amount of vitamin D3

Magnesium Supplements Safe for Consumption:

  • Kirkland Signature Magnesium
  • Solgar Magnesium Citrate
  • Doctor’s Best High Absorption 100% Chelated Magnesium
  • NutriCology Magnesium Chloride Liquid
  • PipingRock.com Magnesium Chllride
  • TwinLab Magnesium Caps
  • Life Extension Magnesium Caps
  • Nature Made Magnesium
  • Pure Encapsulations Magnesium (Glycinate)
  • Rexall Magnesium
  • Source Naturals Magnesium Malate
  • Spring Valley Magnesium Citrate
  • Trace Minerals Research ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops
  • Vitacost Magnesium Ultra
  • The Vitamin Shoppe Calm Zone Magnesium – Raspberry Lemon Flavor

10 natural sources of magnesiumTop 10 natural sources of magnesium include:

  • Spinach (157 mg in 1 cup)
  • Chard (154 mg in 1 cup)
  • Pumpkin seeds (92 mg in 1/8 cup)
  • Organic yogurt ( 50 mg in 1 cup)
  • Almonds (80 mg in 1 cup)
  • Black Beans (60 mg in 1/2 cup)
  • Avocado (58 mg in 1 medium avocado)
  • Figs (50 mg in 1/2 cup)
  • Chocolate (95 mg in 1 square)
  • Banana (32 mg in 1 medium)

The average daily intake of magnesium from food sources in the United States is approximately 320 mg; thus supplementation is likely to increase magnesium intake above nutritional needs – or supplement magnesium deficiency.

The magnesium recommended daily allowance (RDA) are:

  • Children 1-3: 80 mg
  • Children 4-8: 130 mg
  • Children 9-13: 240 mg
  • Males 14-18: 410 mg
  • Males 19-30: 400 mg
  • Males 31+: 420 mg
  • Females 14-18: 360 mg
  • Females 19-30: 310 mg
  • Females 31+: 320 mg
  • Pregnant women <18 years: 400 mg
  • Pregnant women 19-30: 350 mg
  • Pregnant women 31+: 360 mg

When used as a treatment, magnesium supplement is often recommended at doses of 250 to 600 mg daily.

Note: For optimum health, magnesium and calcium intake needs to be at about a 1 to 2 ratio. So, if you supplement with 500 mg of magnesium, you should supplement with 1000 mg of calcium (or less if you get plenty of dietary calcium and little dietary magnesium).

Magnesium is an incredibly versatile and important nutrient that many doctors, nutritionists, and researchers believe is the single most important nutrient for human health. If you have symptoms of magnesium deficiency, then raise your levels with proper magnesium supplementation and adding magnesium-rich foods to your diet.

If you’d like to learn more about topical magnesium spray, experiment with this article HERE.

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The Food and Migraine Connection

Separating the Good the Bad and the Ugly

Migraine pain is often describes as an intense and debilitating pain in one area of the head and is usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound.

Migraine symptoms will vary in intensity and from person to person. Some individuals may even experience auras, such as flashes of light, blind spots, or even a temporary loss of vision.

Although there is no solid end-all cure for migraines, it can be controlled and managed by the foods you eat or the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Foods (no relation to the movie of the same name starring the famous Clint Eastwood).

The Migraine Elimination Diet

In 1983, researchers at the Hospital for Sick Children in London reported their results for 88 children with severe, frequent migraines who began an elimination diet. Of this group, 78 recovered completely, and 4 improved greatly.

In addition, some children who also had seizures found that their seizures stopped. The researchers then reintroduced various foods and found that they sparked migraine recurrences in all but eight.

In subsequent tests using disguised foods, the vast majority of children again became migraine symptom-free when trigger foodswere avoided. Migraines returned when trigger foods were added to the diet.1

In adults, anywhere between 20 and 50 percent have a reduction or elimination of their headaches when common trigger foods are avoided.

The Foods and Migraine connection will be a starting point for the Migraine Elimination Diet.

The Good

The Good foods are those that DO NOT cause migraine pain and have virtually never contributed to migraines or any other pains.

The Good Foods:

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Pollution and Poor Nutrition Causing Migraines

Learn How You Can Spontaneously Transform Your Life
To Be 100% Migraine Pain Free

Did you know at least 45,000,000 Americans report that they suffer from headaches? Personally, I’ve never reported a headache, have you? Just imagine how big the actual numbers of headache sufferers there really are. Sadly, popping all that headache medication isn’t preventing or curing the epidemic migraine syndrome sweeping America. But, it may be actually causing many of them.

It’s called “rebound headaches,” “analgesic rebound headaches” or “medication overuse headaches” (MOH). If you’re having headaches for 7 to 15 days of the month, you may be one of millions of people addicted to anti-migraine or analgesic medications. Considering in the US, 10 to 20,000 tons of aspirin are consumed every year, which only scratches the surface of the total amount of headache medications Americans are swallowing.

There are many types of headache pain along with complications that come with them; the most common type is a migraine. By definition, a migraine is a “one-sided” throbbing pain, hammering away inside your head and robbing you of daily energy.

Migraines are still uncharted territory scientifically speaking, but we do know that migraines are triggered by changes of blood flow within in the brain. When blood vessels in the brain repeatedly contract and expand, nerve endings within these vessels respond by sending out pain signals.

Here are 5 common complications that can come with a migraine:

  1. Light sensitivity
  2. Noise sensitivity
  3. Numbness of limbs
  4. Nausea and vomiting
  5. Hallucinations

Now, common sense will tell you if any Over-The-Counter (OTC) or prescription cure were available, 45,000,000 people wouldn’t be reporting migraines and their dangerous complications, would they?

The good news is there are little known “proven remedies” for chronic migraines and headache pain.

As with any health issues, the solution can be found within the problem. Or, in other words, understanding the cause and undoing it can find the cure.

Rebound Headaches Are Aggravated by Nutritional Deficiencies

The last thing Big Pharma wants you to know is your general health issues, including migraine syndromes, are NOT drug deficiencies. In fact, an overwhelming amount of evidence reveals missing “key nutrients and minerals” cause a lot of human pain and suffering. Your migraines are no exception.

Yet, despite overwhelming evidence bearing against the effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs these days, millions of people still take them regardless of any real benefits and harmful reactions.

To help make my point, let’s take a quick peek at some other examples of serious problems triggered from specific nutritional deficiencies. As you’ll see, following good old fashion common sense can solve many of your health challenges. Of course, common sense really isn’t so common anymore, is it?

For starters, we know some problems are caused by over eating. Take obesity, heart disease and diabetes, these are generally caused from eating too many “empty calories” and not getting enough exercise. Thanks to plenty of fast “junk” food, most Americans over eat and still suffer from “under nutrition,” simply because THEY’RE NOT GETTING ANY REAL NUTRITION.

Isn’t it ironic that over-eating is a main cause of under-nutrition in America?

Read on . . .

Here Are Some Classic Examples Of Dis-Ease Caused From Lack Of Nutrition:

  • Calcium deficiency causes osteoporosis and rickets
  • Iodine deficiency causes goiter
  • Selenium deficiency causes Keshan disease
  • Iron deficiency causes anemia
  • Zinc deficiency causes growth retardation
  • Thiamine (B1) deficiency causes Beriberi
  • Niacin deficiency (b2 or B3) causes Pellagra
  • Vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy and heart disease
  • Vitamin D deficiency causes osteoporosis and rickets

Considering this it should be no surprise to learn migraine headache syndrome may be linked to certain deficiencies, as well. Actually, that’s really good news for millions of headache sufferers; perhaps all they need to do is find their own “missing linkto optimum health.

5 Nutritional Deficiencies Related To Migraines:

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Fear, Guilt and Anxiety Manifesting In Migraines

Don’t let fear, guilt and anxiety weigh down your body and your mind with migraines: 5 steps to being migraine free without medication.

At least a couple times a week, severe migraines would result in me not being able to function. Some of you know the routine, you sense a migraine coming on and you know you better get home quick because before long any light and noise will be unbearable. Perhaps you noticed the first sentence above is written in the past tense and that’s because I have not had a migraine for a dozen years.  You can be free of them, too — and without any medication!

Admittedly, my testimony with regard to migraines is a testimony of a miraculous healing. One evening I was at church and I felt a migraine coming on. We had some guests in town from Texas for a worship and prayer conference and the keyboard player was a man named Rueben. To this day, I don’t know his last name. Rueben noticed I was not feeling well and he came to the back of the sanctuary and asked if he could pray for me.  I had told him I felt another bad migraine headache was coming on.  He gathered a few other people around me to pray.  I really don’t remember what exactly he prayed except I started to feel hot and I started to sob. I’m not one to cry. The fact that I was sobbing quickly caught my wife’s attention, indicating to her and others that something was indeed happening.

At some point in his prayer for me, Rueben hit me hard in the forehead with the heel of his hand while saying in a loud voice, “In Jesus Name… spirit of infirmity, be GONE!”  A couple things about this:

  • First, those of you who suffer from migraines know that even your hair hurts and you don’t want to be touched, let alone hit in the head.
  • Second, even today we do not allow our prayer team to do such things.  But, that’s what he did to me.

Here’s what I can’t deny: the pain immediately left and I have not had a migraine since.

At that time I was taking Zomig (Zolmitriptan was about $10 a pill at that time) and I was getting free samples from a doctor who attended our church. About two months later, the doctor asked me why I had not come in for more Zomig samples.  I looked both ways and then whispered to him, “Doc, I don’t want to jinx anything but I think I’ve been healed.”  Later that day I felt a very strong impression (that I attribute to God) that if I didn’t start giving Him glory for healing me of migraines, I’d get the migraines back.  Since that day, I’ve been sharing that testimony of God healing me of migraines.  Also since that day, God seems to have given me a grace to successfully pray for and minister to others who suffer from migraines.

In the last 12 years since that all happened, I’ve learned a few things about migraines and how to minister to people with migraines. A migraine is a type of pain known as “psychogenic pain,” which means it is not caused by any known organic reason but is associated instead with psychological factors. In this article, and other articles here in my column on the Spiritual Dimensions of Health and Wellness, I have written from the vantage point that many ailments have spiritual roots, especially those with no other known cause, such as migraines. If migraines are caused by non-organic factors, treating them chemically only treats the symptoms.  In other words, they’ll come back again tomorrow and the next day or as long as the root causes are unidentified and ignored.

The medicines available to treat migraine symptoms do two things simultaneously.

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7 Tips For Cleansing and Weight Loss

Most people think of bowel cleansing when they hear the term cleansing, but it means a lot more than that. Below are seven little-known facts about cleansing and weight loss and how they can help with headaches or migraines.

1.    According to some natural health experts, most people carry excess undigested fecal matter in their colon. The sooner they begin to eliminate it, the better they feel. And when it comes to weight loss, the weight lost through the elimination of fecal matter is weight permanently lost.

2.    Each organ that eliminates waste in the body, can be cleansed. The primary organs that detoxify the body are the skin, colon, liver, kidneys, blood and lymphatics. Body wrap experts report that when cleansing formulas for the liver are started a few days before the body wrap, the inches lost increases at least 20%.

3.    Cleansing formulas often contain herbs and supplements that support the organ that’s being cleansed. Some formulas add herbs or supplements that may contribute to weight loss, such as berberine and green tea.

4.    Our body accumulates chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals or other poisons in fat cells throughout the body. It’s believed that the greater the accumulation of these toxins in the body, the harder it is for the fat cell to break down. That’s one reason why it’s difficult to lose weight.

5.    Cleansing formulas may also contain herbal blends to improve the function of the kidneys, GI tract, gall bladder and liver. This can indirectly assist in weight loss by creating a more healthy system overall.

6.    Cleansing always requires drinking more water than what is usually drank during the day. Experts recommend as little as 1 ounce for every 2 pounds of body weight and as much as 1 ounce for every 1 pound body weight.

7.    When cleansing, it’s important to start detoxifying the skin or colon before any other organ, even though liver cleanses may facilitate greater weight loss.

This is because toxins released from the liver will have no open route to leave the body. They end up getting re-circulated throughout the body, causing headaches or migraines, joint aches and pains, fatigue and skin breakouts. Always cleanse the skin or colon first!

Roger Asmus (Weight Loss Corner) entered a fitness competition and won the Mr. Teenage Colorado in 1991. He was later named Mr. Mile High in 1996 and achieved his dream when he was proudly awarded the title of Mr. Natural Colorado in 1998. Roger has been highly sought after as a model and authority in the fitness world, appearing in national news and magazines sources. Roger is currently one of the top personal trainers in the country and is president of Core Health Innovations™.

MiGone Plus™

Promotes calm & discourages common nervous migraine tension for clear-headed comfort

In naturopathic medicine, headache pain and migraines are seen as “toxic” and a signal from the body that there is an imbalance in organ functioning. MiGone Plusmaintains healthy circulation, reduces the effects of stress and helps to keep all body systems in good shape.

MiGone Pluscontains FeverFew, proven to be a special benefit in the treatment of migraines and headaches through supporting the nervous system, preventing inflammation and spasms.  The milk thistle in MiGone Plusis an excellent liver and blood cleanser and purifier, with anti-oxidant properties. Passionfew, also found in MiGone Plus is traditionally known to be nature’s help for frazzled nerves.

This formula works fast to relieve migraine headache pain with-out aspirin, caffeine or sedatives. Just 100% non-drowsy natural migraine relief.

Known to affect migraine frequency and intensity, MiGone Plusempowers migraine sufferers to eliminate headache pain and migraine tension with natural relief and alternative care.

Achieve a natural balance with MiGone Plus and support your overall health, sooth common migraine tension and balance mood and attitude.

Click Here To Order Your Natural Relief Tonic For Migraines!

Managing Migraine Misery

“Doctor, my headache is so bad. I think it’s a migraine!”

Many people ask me if they might have migraine headaches  — or is it “just” a tension headache?  The amount of pain doesn’t determine the type of headache, but rather what is causing it.  A tension headache is outside the skull and generally covers the whole head “like a tight band.”

A migraine, on the other hand, is “pressure” inside the head.  It is often one-sided, but can change sides from time-to-time.  Associated symptoms might be strange sensations, or vision disturbances such as flashing lights, or darkening such as “tunnel-vision.”  Very often the pain will get worse with bright lights or loud noises.  As a result, people who get migraines seek a dark, quiet place to suffer.  Many people also get nausea and/or vomiting.

Should You Medicate A Migraine?

In the medical world we speak of “control” and “triggers” in regards to migraines.  I rarely use long-term medications to prevent migraines because they have many side-effects and aren’t very effective.  Medications used for the pain include all of the “NSAID” (acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and so forth) drugs, opiate (vicodin, darvocet), and other pain medication, as well as migraine-specific drugs.  This last group includes the “triptans” which constrict blood vessels and will often abort a migraine.  Those who suffer with migraines often have to move around to different drugs as one quits working, to find another that will work – but only for a time.

Fight Back With Food

Prevention starts with avoiding “triggers” such as:

  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Wine
  • Cheese
  • Or other specific food

In fact, about 80% of migraine headaches are related to diet and can be prevented.  The way we start is to keep a diet and headache diary.  List the foods you eat all day and headaches in another column.  We often find a pattern to associate the headache with the trigger.  The amount of time you do this depends on how often you get them.  Daily headaches don’t require much time, but monthly headaches are more difficult to track.


Nightshade foods are classified as potatoes, tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, eggplant, tomatillos, pimentos, paprika, cayenne and Tabasco sauce. A particular group of substances in these foods, called alkaloids, can impact nerve-muscle function.

For these we do the elimination diet.  By eliminating one food (most often we start with the “usual suspects” of milk, wheat, and the “nightshades”) at a time to see what effect it has.  This is often fruitful.

Vitamin Relief Outnumbers Prescription Success

For those who aren’t able to find a food trigger, there are now several natural formulas for preventing migraines that don’t require a prescription. Plus, they statistically work better than the prescription medications.  These formulas include:

  • Magnesium
  • B-vitamins
  • Feverfew extract
  • Butterbur extract

There are several brands and can be found at most vitamin and herb stores.  Since they are preventative, they don’t relieve the pain once you already have a headache.  They are taken daily and most find a decrease in headaches within the first month.  Many of my patients come back for more, telling me they no longer have migraines — at all!

Healing Migraine Methods

Acupuncture is often miraculous for both prevention and treatment.  Chiropractic manipulation helps many.  For those with emotional triggers I recommend a book by John Sarno, MD called The Mindbody Prescription: Healing the Body, Healing the Pain. Since each person may have a different cause of headaches, there are many different treatments.  It’s important to find what works best for you.

Those who come into my office with a migraine get a shot of magnesium with B-vitamins in the vein that aborts the headache in seconds. It is natural, and has no side-effects, except 30 seconds of feeling hot.  We used to do this in the ER when I was training, but since the “triptans” became available the doctors no longer think of this simple, safe, and effective B-vitamin shot treatment.

Don’t Make a Migraine Mistake

As a doctor who has worked with many people who suffer with migraines, the best advice I can give is the words of Winston Churchill: “Never give up!”  My experience is that those who continue to search for answers find them.  It’s a common mistake to stay with a treatment that doesn’t work because that’s all your doctor had to offer.  Move on!  Get help!  If you aren’t getting the help you need, find some one who can help you.  We have so many options today; there is no reason for you to suffer.



Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross isn’t as desperate as she used to be. Though recognizable as Bree Van De Kamp on “Desperate Housewives,” her desperation has come to an end — her migraines have nearly ceased.

Marcia began having migraines when she was in highschool, but was finally diagnosed in college following horrible head pain, blurred vision, tingling fingers and difficulty completing tasks such as remembering phone numbers.

Years later she found out there were prescription medications available to treat migraines, but had already started keeping a food journal to track migraine triggers.

As a result of Marcia’s due diligence to map the foods that fuel a migraine, she is able to level their attacks to only 3 or 4 times a year. Following an elimination diet, Marcia was able to clearly identify the foods that trigger her migraine episodes:

  • Red wine
  • Chocolate
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Oranges
  • Alcohol

In addition, changing her lifestyle to watch stress and being willing to sit in a dark room to until pain passes as an abortive measure, has Marcia transformed from a painful journey to one that marks quality of life – without migraines.

Marcia hikes, let’s stress “go” and keeps things in perspective to manage without migraines.  Marcia Cross doesn’t sound desperate at all!

Migraine Condition Care Guide

15 First Aid Tips for caring for someone you love with migraines

Recently, I twisted my ankle while out hiking with my grandson.  The tender little guy turned to me and said, “Get over it Grandma.  Walk it off.”  This approach to pain may work for some injuries (helpful for little kids but not a sprained ankle!), but it certainly doesn’t work for migraines!

If you have never been under the vice of migraines, it may be tempting to tell someone suffering from a migraine to, “Walk it off.”  But by learning more about migraines and its debilitating effects, as a caregiver you may help sufferers to find relief.

Here are simple 15 First Ad Tips to be able to help friends and family endure migraine headaches.

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