January 23, 2017

Fear, Guilt and Anxiety Manifesting In Migraines

Don’t let fear, guilt and anxiety weigh down your body and your mind with migraines: 5 steps to being migraine free without medication.

At least a couple times a week, severe migraines would result in me not being able to function. Some of you know the routine, you sense a migraine coming on and you know you better get home quick because before long any light and noise will be unbearable. Perhaps you noticed the first sentence above is written in the past tense and that’s because I have not had a migraine for a dozen years.  You can be free of them, too — and without any medication!

Admittedly, my testimony with regard to migraines is a testimony of a miraculous healing. One evening I was at church and I felt a migraine coming on. We had some guests in town from Texas for a worship and prayer conference and the keyboard player was a man named Rueben. To this day, I don’t know his last name. Rueben noticed I was not feeling well and he came to the back of the sanctuary and asked if he could pray for me.  I had told him I felt another bad migraine headache was coming on.  He gathered a few other people around me to pray.  I really don’t remember what exactly he prayed except I started to feel hot and I started to sob. I’m not one to cry. The fact that I was sobbing quickly caught my wife’s attention, indicating to her and others that something was indeed happening.

At some point in his prayer for me, Rueben hit me hard in the forehead with the heel of his hand while saying in a loud voice, “In Jesus Name… spirit of infirmity, be GONE!”  A couple things about this:

  • First, those of you who suffer from migraines know that even your hair hurts and you don’t want to be touched, let alone hit in the head.
  • Second, even today we do not allow our prayer team to do such things.  But, that’s what he did to me.

Here’s what I can’t deny: the pain immediately left and I have not had a migraine since.

At that time I was taking Zomig (Zolmitriptan was about $10 a pill at that time) and I was getting free samples from a doctor who attended our church. About two months later, the doctor asked me why I had not come in for more Zomig samples.  I looked both ways and then whispered to him, “Doc, I don’t want to jinx anything but I think I’ve been healed.”  Later that day I felt a very strong impression (that I attribute to God) that if I didn’t start giving Him glory for healing me of migraines, I’d get the migraines back.  Since that day, I’ve been sharing that testimony of God healing me of migraines.  Also since that day, God seems to have given me a grace to successfully pray for and minister to others who suffer from migraines.

In the last 12 years since that all happened, I’ve learned a few things about migraines and how to minister to people with migraines. A migraine is a type of pain known as “psychogenic pain,” which means it is not caused by any known organic reason but is associated instead with psychological factors. In this article, and other articles here in my column on the Spiritual Dimensions of Health and Wellness, I have written from the vantage point that many ailments have spiritual roots, especially those with no other known cause, such as migraines. If migraines are caused by non-organic factors, treating them chemically only treats the symptoms.  In other words, they’ll come back again tomorrow and the next day or as long as the root causes are unidentified and ignored.

The medicines available to treat migraine symptoms do two things simultaneously.

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