January 18, 2017

OBAMASCARE: Government Health Care

By Dr. Scott Saunders

In a speech to the National Association of Counties, Nancy Pelosi referenced the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act then being debated in congress saying, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it…”  This has proved to be prophetic.

We could not have known what is in the bill at the time. So much of what is now mandated was not in the bill when voted by the Senate.  There have been so many changes, challenges, and rulings that the fog hasn’t yet cleared.

With all of the ideas and misconceptions about the “Affordable Care Act (ACA)” that we call Obamacare we can fall into the trap of just complaining about it.  But what does this law really do?  We are all asking the same question, “How will it affect me?”  While the specifics keep changing, there are a few things that are known.

  1. Everyone is required to buy health insuranceThose with low income may receive a subsidy from the federal government.
  2. Those who don’t have approved insurance plans will be required to pay a fine of 1% of their income next year.  This fine goes up each year.  There is a 3 month grace period so you only have to have to be insured for 9 months to avoid the fine.
  3. Insurance companies must provide certain benefits, such as a free (no deductible or co-payment) annual physical exam, and they cannot choose people based on their health history, gender or lifestyle.  This increases the risk, and thus the cost to the consumer.
  4. Employers with over 50 employees must provide health insurance for all full-time employees, or pay a fine.  (This just changed to start in 2015.)

The cost of health insurance under the ACA carries a higher price tag.  A single, healthy person in Santa Barbara that would have paid about $150 for a high-deductible plan in 2013, will now have to spend over $300 per month.  Also, the cost of obtaining care goes up with co-pays of $60 for a regular doctor and $150 for urgent care.  Because of this, many clinics are requiring people to walk-in the same day so they can get the higher co-pay, causing many patients to wait for hours to see the doctor.

Most of the rest is conjecture.

  • What will happen when everyone has insurance?
  • Are there enough doctors to take care of all the new patients?
  • Will we have access to health care when we need it?

Doctors are retiring and going into other fields.  A colleague of mine, one of the most competent and educated doctors in Santa Barbara, is re-training to be a computer network administrator.  Others I know are retiring early, taking only cash, or not taking any new patients.  So, with fewer physicians and more patients, how long will you wait to have your health concerns addressed?

What about “end-of-life care?”  Obamacare provides for committees that limit what treatments and tests will be available to people.  This may be based on age, illness, prognosis, or other parameters.  You can be denied care if you are not deemed to benefit from it, no matter what your doctor says.

What if you need a specialist?  The law now allows the government to determine the value of a doctor’s service, as well as the salary he or she receives.  If a specialty doesn’t receive extra remuneration, who will be willing to go through the extra training, put in the extra time, and acquire the extra debt?

One thing is sure, there will be many more changes in the future.

What can we do?[am4show guest_error=’noaccess’]

 1. Think outside the box

One way to manage at this time, is to look at the big picture.  There are more taxes.  Medical expenses are no longer deductible.  But if you look at a non-ACA health insurance plan, you may be spending significantly less money overall.  If you choose one of those plans, you may be fined from $95 to over $1,000 in the first year. But, if you are saving $300 per month, only then you will come out ahead.

If you act soon, then you may be able to take advantage of a “grandfather clause” that allows people to keep their old policies, even though they aren’t Obamacare-approved.  You may need to work with a good insurance broker to find your lowest annual expense.  If you only look at the monthly expense, you may miss important costs or savings that will only come out in a yearly budget.

2. Concierge Medicine

Another way out of the trap is to have your own private physician.  Many of the doctors that are left in private practice are going completely private.  You pay a monthly fee directly to the doctor, and they take care of your needs.  Most Internal Medicine or Family Practice offices can take care of 80% of the health care needs of a family.  Plus, you get extras such as:

  • Immediate appointments – These doctors often have same-day or next-day appointments, saving you from having to go to Urgent Care or the Emergency Department of a hospital.
  • Longer appointments – When you pay the doctor directly, he or she has a vested interest in you being well.  They will go over your entire health, spend more time with you, and follow-up to be sure you are doing well.  Those who are paid by health insurance companies only get paid when you are sick. This is why there is no incentive to help you get well.
  • benefits of private medicineTelephone consultations – This is especially beneficial if you travel because you may be able to access your doctor and take care of problems over the phone.  Plus, you may not have to take time off of work or other activities to sit in a doctor’s office.
  • Electronic access – Email, and Skype are often included in the monthly fee.  Your health questions can be answered directly without interrupting your day – or the doctor’s.
  • Low-cost testing – In-house tests are often included in the monthly fee, others may have as much as a 50% discount.
  • Home visits – Most private physicians offer home visits, often for a relatively small fee.
  • Help with navigating the system – this benefit can be enormous if you are really sick and need lots of care.  Having an advocate makes you less vulnerable to the many inadequacies of the health care system – especially now with the government takeover.
  • Extras – Health newsletters, low-cost generic drugs, physical exams, forms and notes for work or travel, alternative treatments, and even anti-aging plans are often included.  These add a lot of value to your health care — more than a regular insurance doctor could provide.

Surprisingly, a private or concierge doctor can be very affordable.  Charges run from about $30 to over $500 per month.  This is much less than you would spend on health insurance, and you get better service.  Pair it with a high-deductible or hospital-only insurance policy, and you’re set for the lowest-cost with the highest level of care.

3. “Physician, heal thyself”

Being your own doctor is easier than ever with the internet and the resulting explosion of health information.  Now everyone knows that most illnesses don’t require the care of a doctor or any prescription medications.  Those who are reading this may be familiar with natural remedies and treatments that are far better than prescription drugs or surgery because they remove the cause of disease.

Barton Publishing has over 30 Remedy Reports for all sorts of diseases, and there are over 50 different issues of Home Cures That Work addressing many more.  Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and most chronic diseases are better treated naturally.  Reversing your diabetes takes you out of the need for regular medical care, as well as improving your life – both quality and quantity!  This also can save you a tremendous amount of money because you will no longer have frequent doctor visits, and your insurance needs will drop significantly.

Taking your health care into your own hands, changing your lifestyle, and exercising regularly will give you the best chance of staying out of the health care system.  That’s the best way OUT of Obamacare.

Evading Obama

Though Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts passed the bill, we still don’t yet “know what is in” the Obamacare act.  At this point there is LOTS of confusion from all sides – the government, the doctors, the insurance companies, and the patients.  Because of this most people are taking a “wait and see” approach to health care and health insurance, holding back and doing nothing.

However, you can be one step ahead by seeing the big picture, and looking at all your options.  In this way, you can navigate the muddy waters of the federal government takeover of American medicine and come out ahead in both your financial and physical health.

How are you preparing for Obamacare? 

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Dr. Scott SaundersDr. Scott D. Saunders, M.D. (Ask-an-MD) is a practicing physician, specializing in preventative health care, who utilizes eclectic health care for the whole family, including conventional, orthomolecular and natural medicine. He is also the medical director of The Integrative Medical Center of Santa Barbara in Lompoc, CA. He went to UCLA medical school and is board certified in family medicine. View natural remedies with Dr. Saunders at: http://drsaundersmd.com

Can This Government Control Your Health?

By Michael Tyrrell

I am really going to try to make this an uplifting article, given that it is the “Debby Downer” of all topics, “How To Survive Obamacare.”

It is bizarre how many “predictions” I have made since 2005 that have come to pass…notwithstanding the current “lunatic fringe” and a mandated national health care plan.

With so much change taking place in our nation, our message here at Barton Publishing remains the same…

You CANNOT trust your health and wellbeing to anyone but yourself.  Your health care is your business. Click to tweet this.

Here is a newsflash: Obama does NOT care…he doesn’t even know you exist.

And common sense should tell you that if Obamacare were worth a flip, the president would want it for his family and staff instead of opting out of it, right?

The entire Obamacare scheme is just another political agenda that is perpetuated by the age-old need for power, money and control. If you are looking for mud slinging or conspiracy theories, then you won’t find them here.

My purpose is also the same yesterday, today and forever: to equip free-thinking people with vital spirit-based information to stay healthy and live in peace in the midst of the storm.

So dear reader, relax. I will only give you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…so help me God!

Government Control

The first thing we must realize is, “There is nothing new under the sun.” These political ideas have been approached roughly every forty years.

In the 1960s, many of the ideas that are becoming today’s laws were abandoned because the moral fiber of America was intact. WE THE PEOPLE had strong family values and a God-fearing resolve. The government was aware that they worked for us and knew if they pushed too hard the people would push back! healthcare by flickr watchingfrogsboil

Those of us who are a bit older realize that a lot can happen in a virtually young country in a forty-year span.

  • For one, Republicans today are really 1960s Democrats.
  • Democrats today are really Socialists.
  • You certainly don’t need a political science degree to discern how that can change the landscape of a nation.

I would also like to take this opportunity to slaughter another “sacred cow” of misconception. A “Christian” is a man or woman that claims that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior. It DOES NOT mean they became a Republican, as well!!!

The current persecution of Christians is primarily due to this assumption. Albeit a true Christian, by affiliation, would tend to be more conservative by nature, NOT by a party affiliation. In fact, if you take the time to study the “division of church and state,” you will quickly see it was a governmental writ to protect Christians from the same type of governmental tyranny that caused the first settlers to leave jolly ole’ England in search of a new world (AMERICA!)…Where they could worship their God freely!

Dear friend, America the free has been compromised! Our Constitution (our mission statement, or, who we are) the right to bear arms, even our personal rights to legislate our own health care has been jeopardized by a “bourgeois” government bent on absolute control.

For over 200 years, men and woman in our armed forces have shed their own blood here and abroad to protect our precious freedom as American citizens so that you, dear reader, could decide how you and your family would live.

Probably the greatest tragedy of all is that we run the risk of losing our ethnicity and at the same time face the “dummying down” of our culture for fear of being labeled, racist, extremist, antiquated or subversive by merely being… organically American!

History often repeats itself and this mentality has never done anything to advance a nation. Instead, it has always led to its downfall…Roman Empire, Egypt or the former Soviet Union anyone?

Citizenship Rights

Ok, by now some of you are climbing out of your office windows to the narrow ledge…don’t jump! I know I said I would try to make this an uplifting article. Well. I’m getting there!

You see, friends, this isn’t the first time (or the last) that the social climate of a nation has been in question. In fact, if you will go back with me a mere 2000+ years, I believe I can weave some sense into this mess until it becomes a message.

I am going to tell you about the ultimate freedom fighter, a man who grew up under King Herod Antipas in a time of unparalleled social and political upheaval.

The Roman Empire was considered all powerful and handily conquered Israel. Yet, a freedom fighter would emerge with a platform diametrically opposed to the Roman Empire, which thrived on brutality, pride, and control. In fact, this man would become known as the Prince of Peace and with love and humility would eventually turn the region and the world upside down by laying down His own life by the shedding of blood to guarantee eternal freedom to anyone who would call upon His name.

That name, dear friend, is none other than Jesus, the name ABOVE all names! He made a statement that has brought peace to millions for over 2000 years.

“I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Jesus is the “Alpha” and the “Omega,” the beginning and, the end. There is no power or rule or dominion, nor government that exists outside of His mighty power. In fact, unlike man’s kingdoms or empires, His Kingdom has no end!

And while we are on the topic of health care consider this…no man can rival the healing power of the Creator that created man. Likewise, no finite government of man can contend with the infinite government of God.

Is God a Republican or a Democrat? He is neither. He IS HIS OWN GOVERNMENTClick to tweet this.

He is the King of that eternal Kingdom! And here is a revelation a Christian has dual-citizenship!

“But we are citizens of Heaven, where the Lord Jesus lives. And we are eagerly waiting for Him to return as our Savior. He will take our weak mortal bodies like His own, using the same power with which He will bring everything back under His control” Philippians 3:20-21

We are born into this world and receive a birth certificate, which proves live birth. We are then earthly citizens of our respective country, but when we become Christian believers we receive a citizenship to an eternal Kingdom that exists above the drop ceiling of this earth. The health benefits (not to mention eternal life!) of this citizenship alone are staggering.

“Some people brought to Him a paralyzed man on a mat. Seeing their faith, Jesus said to the paralyzed man, ‘Be encouraged, my child! Your sins are forgiven.’ But some of the teachers of religious law said to themselves, ‘That’s blasphemy! Does He think He’s God?’ Jesus knew what they were thinking, so He asked them, ‘Why do you have such evil thoughts in your hearts? Is it easier to say ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or ‘Stand up and walk’?  So I will PROVE to you that the Son of Man has the authority on earth to forgive sins.’ Then Jesus turned to the paralyzed man and said, ‘Stand up, pick up your mat and go home!’ And the man jumped up and went home!” Matthew 9:2-7

Here is another example. great physician's health care

“That evening many demon possessed people were brought to Jesus. He cast out the evil spirits with a simple command, and He healed all the sick.” Matthew 8:16

Now that’s what I call health care! The sick didn’t pay a premium and the Great Physician absorbed the cost…He PAID the ultimate price for your health benefits and guaranteed your life eternally.

But, there is a catch. This health care demands prequalification…you have to trust your life to Him. That’s right, you must give him your life first and then your eternal health and life policy begins and can never be revoked or denied do to preexisting conditions or age!

So, friend, think about it long and hard. Whose side are you on? Government insurance or irrevocable divine assurance? The choice is yours.

Obamacare? Obama doesn’t care for you. There is only one way to be spiritually victorious in the midst of man’s corruption…put your trust in Jesus.

“Cast ALL of your cares upon Him for HE CARES for YOU…” 1 Peter 5:7

Never trust a man to give you what only God can deliver. Click to tweet this.

Be at peace. The best is yet to come!

Until next month,

Michael S. Tyrrell

P.S. Here is a little “insider” information. One way of legally “opting out” of Obamacare without compromising your Christian convictions is by enrolling with Samaritan Ministries International, a non-insurance based co-op that takes better care of you that ANY insurance company ever could and received a full government exemption from Obamacare…for more info go to: www.samaritanministries.org

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Michael TyrrellMichael Tyrrell, www.michaeltyrrell.com is the founder of the Network Center Inc., a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2001 which works as an advisory agency to local churches, faith-based ministries, Para-church ministries, schools, home fellowships and music ministries in connection with their outreach ministries or missions based activities.  Michael has been committed to training their key leaders and members to deliver the message of their Christian faith in order to reach the lost, the disenfranchised, the sick and the hurting through the organic roots of the Christian faith and other areas as needs arise.  Michael has been in full time ministry for the last 27 years and is a writer music producer and well known musician. http://michaeltyrrell.com

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