January 21, 2017

Weird Elephant Yam “Liberates” Antioxidants & Tames Cravings

Here is something you absolutely must know!   If you are not eating enough of this, then your body may not be absorbing essential antioxidants, like those found in berries and other fruits like pomegranate, teas, red wine, herbs or spices.

You see, many of these antioxidants simply are difficult for our bodies to break down!

Now, an Asian root known as the elephant yam, or konjac, has been shown to help the bodies naturally “liberate” the active ingredients in high antioxidant foods and supplements.

elephant yamFor hundreds of years, konjac has played an important role in the healthful Japanese diet.  Today, leading natural health experts, like Drs. Mehmet Oz, Andrew Weil and Mark Hyman, are all recommending Konjac’s  active ingredient – glucomannan.

Glucomannan is among nature’s most interesting soluble fibers. In your gut, it absorbs many times its weight in water.   Glucomannan contains five times more of the right types of soluble than oat bran.  The right kinds of soluble fiber nourish the good bacteria critical to healthy digestion and immunity.   In turn, the good bacteria break down the high antioxidant compounds into nutrients that the body can absorb.

The Dirty Little Secret Food Marketers Don’t Want You to Know About “Soluble” Fiber

Not all soluble fibers are created equal.  In fact, some “soluble fibers” on the market aren’t even natural. They’re manufactured so processed food manufacturers can “up” the fiber content on their nutrition labels.

You can tell these Franken-fibers because their names sound like something from a chemistry class. Biochemically, these are soluble fibers, but they do little to control appetite, reduce cravings or support heart health.

Put bluntly, they are cheap fiber fillers used by some food and supplement manufacturers to appeal to consumers seeking more fiber in their diet.

Glucomannan also has been shown to be a powerful ally for dieters.  Glucomannan helps dieters:

  • Feel full faster – when the glucomannan fiber swells in your stomach, you fill up faster.  And it’s not just that physical feeling of fullness at work.  Studies prove that fullness in the stomach triggers the release of hormones that tell your brain to send the “Stop Eating!” signals. That means you’ll push away from the table sooner.
  • Stay full longer – glucomannan is not broken down until it reach the large intestine (that’s why the good bacteria like it!). Because of that, they keep you feeling full and satisfied as it travels through your stomach and small intestine.
  • Fewer calories absorbed – The gel created by glucomannan and water mixes with the food you eat and slows digestion, and actually reduces the calories that are absorbed.
  • Regulates the blood sugar spike-crash-crave cycle.   As you probably know, our cravings go on overdrive when our blood sugar spikes and crashes. Glucomannan slows the digestion of carbohydrates and simple sugars. This helps reduce the blood sugar surge-and-crash cycle… which reduces cravings and prevents your appetite from raging out of control.

What’s the best way to get Glucomannan?  We recommend UltraTLC, a product recently introduced by our friends at Kardea Nutrition.   It is an incredible drink mix delivering therapeutic levels of glucomannan, plus antioxidants from natural berry and spice extracts.   Mix UltraTLC in water, juice or smoothies.

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Rob Leighton from Kardea NutritionRob is known as a food passionisto and life’s magic moments occur over meals with family and friends. He happily wanders the aisles of gourmet food stores, farmers’ markets and ethnic delicatessens, preferring to end the day with a good cookbook. Rob brings a career as an executive in food and nutrition to reduce his cholesterol levels to the point where no medications are necessary. He wrote The Kardea Gourmet, Smart & Delicious Eating for a Healthy Heart, with Mayo Clinic-trained cardiologist, Dr. Richard Collins, also known as the Cooking Cardiologist. Rob is the founder of Kardea Nutrition. Kardea, which means heart in Greek, combines a love food with a deep knowledge on how to use the best natural solutions to support heart health.



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