January 18, 2017

How to Fight Bed Bugs and Win

“You want me to do WHAT???  For how long?”

These are the words of my dear friend who was recently told how she needed to comply in order for her apartment to be treated for bed bugs.  This were the orders she was given before the fumigation began:

  • Run ALL her clothes through a high heat dryer cycle and bag in sealable bags – or dry clean all applicable wardrobe pieces.
  • Strip all beds, clean and launder sheet and also place in sealable bags.
  • Break down and safely dispose of unwanted beds, furniture, mattresses and more.
  • Pull all furniture 8 inches away from the wall to allow for proper inspection and treatment.
  • Empty and pack items from dresser drawers, bureaus, nightstand, bookshelves, wall units, closets and more.
  • Perform detailed crack and crevice vacuuming throughout apartment including rugs, sofas, cribs etc..
  • Treat non-treatable items that cannot be washed or dry cleaned with specialized solution that kills bed bugs on contact.
  • Order corrugated boxes to pack all food items.
  • Seal up the boxes properly to prevent any spread of bed bugs into or out of that area.
  • Pack all items of clothing that will not be needed into suitable boxes to be stored or sent off for fumigation.
  • LIVE like this for 3 weeks!!!

Do you know how many bed bugs she found?

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