January 21, 2017

Hidden Dangers in Your Water

By Amanda Box, N.D.

What comes to mind when you think about water?  Some of your descriptions may include:

  • Clean
  • Pure
  • And even healthy

I hate to burst your bubble, but most water you drink is none of the above! Unfortunately, most water we consume, bath in and wash our clothes with is full of toxins that were never intended to be there!  Modern industrialization has turned our water into a dangerous cesspool of unnecessary contaminants. It is far from what nature intended.

Mineral water, which is straight from nature,  is often touted for its benefits.  And well it should be!  Many of our essential trace minerals are found in natural water.  However, industries have taken it upon themselves to “improve” our water by adding extra substances like fluoride and chlorine.  This has ultimately caused more harm than good.  These unnecessary additions have cause health issues ranging from thyroid disease to cancer.

The Fluoride Lie

One of the biggest scams in the history of the water industry is the addition of fluoride.  It has been touted for over 60 years as “natural” cavity prevention.  Its history dates back to Colorado in the early 1900s.  Settlers there had such terribly stained teeth, which they called “Colorado Brown Stain.”  But, what caused the ugly staining of their teeth?  Their drinking water was laced with  naturally occurring calcium fluoride!  Their condition today would be called fluorosis, which is essentially an overdose of fluoride.

Researchers noticed that most of the people in Colorado with those ugly brown teeth didn’t have cavities.  Therefore, they correlated the intake of fluoride with the reduction of cavities.  But, what they didn’t consider that the water was also high in calcium and magnesium, two minerals essential for teeth.

In 1945, fluoride was added to water for the first time in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The city of Muskegon, which was nearby, was to act as the control group in the study.  The experiment in Grand Rapids wasn’t going as planned, so the truth was blurred and rumors were planted in Muskegon that fluoride was doing great things.  The study was supposed to last 15 years, but after 6 years the Muskegon citizens demanded their water be fluorinated so they could reap its “wonderful” benefits.

Several other studies began in New York and then in Wisconsin.  Because of political pressure from the American Dental Association, the United States Public Health Service endorsed fluoridation in 1950 for the entire country!  They endorsed fluoride while many of the trials were still in progress!  At this point, there was little to no scientific evidence the fluoride was beneficial, whatsoever.

Only 5 years into the experiment in New York, it was declared a success.  This was before many of the children in the experiment had even gotten their permanent teeth!  And any child who was sick, was excluded from the exam.  This protected the researchers from documenting the negative effects of fluoride in children.

In 1955, however, the State University of New York found contradictory evidence.  They found that those children who were given fluoride had more cortical bone defects and hemoglobin anemia than the control city.  They also had more cavities and more fluorosis!

The studies from both New York and Michigan essentially proved nothing!  Yet, over 300 million people now have to drink fluorinated water!  Most fluorinated water contains a dangerous 300% more than the recommended amount by the American Dental Association! This amount is just a recipe for disaster in the bodies of many innocent people.

Recent studies have found several more detrimental effects from fluoride consumption.  Some of those include:

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