January 21, 2017

Healthy Holiday Eating

During this Holiday season we decided to put together some eating tips for alternating recipes and ways to avoid the calorie laden dishes served at every holiday party or meal. These tips should not only get you through the rest of the Holiday season, but they will also serve you well at any social event or dinner party into next year.

Gratefully, there are some very easy ways to revamp your recipes and dinner party strategies so you can make better eating habits.

Healthy Holiday Eating Recipe Tips

  1. Use the lower, healthier fat versions of cream cheese and sour cream.
  2. Instead of half-and-half, use 1% or skim milk and plain, fat-free yogurt can take the place of a whipped topping on a dessert.
    Note about yogurt: some fat-free versions have more added sugar to make up the taste, so read labels.
  3. A tip for baking: Use puréed fruits instead of oil for cakes, muffins or cookies. For example, if a cake recipe requires ½ cup of vegetable oil, use ½ cup of applesauce instead.  You’d be surprised that you get the same flavor, moisture and texture.  For those watching their cholesterol, two egg whites or ¼ cup of egg substitute can replace one whole egg.

Healthy Eating Tips for Holiday Cooking

It’s estimated that the average holiday “meal” contains 3,000 calories – more than most people should eat in an entire day. So, how can you enjoy a tasty tradition without ending up in a calorie coma?

Follow these guidelines:

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