January 23, 2017

Time For A Pet-A-Cure

Health Benefits that Pets Provide

Welcome, dear reader! Once again I will attempt to distract your attention away from the “white noise” of such current topics as solar flares, global warming, politics and hate crimes to something that can melt even the coldest heart — pets!

That’s right, friends! This month’s topic is “Natural Pet Health.” If you have read my previous articles, then it will not surprise you that I lean toward a variation on a theme, and this one will be no different. Instead of giving you tips on grooming or how to keep your pet healthy (I will leave that to our experts!), I want to share the many ways God’s amazing animals keep us happier and healthier.

Need for Puppy Channel

You would be hard pressed to find a single person in America unfamiliar with football, let alone The Super Bowl. Friends and family gather around the big screen for food, fun and fellowship.

Not to be outdone, Animal Planet took a gamble and launched “The Puppy Bowl,” a mock football game comprised of adorable canine “athletes” playing with a toy football tugging, rolling and peeing on a field in a “puppy” stadium. It became a smash hit!

Each year they “up the ante” and this season, kittens took to the field at halftime. They even had potbelly pigs as cheerleaders! People lit up Facebook and Tweeted with abandon as the announcer asked the question, “America, who do you think should be this years MVP (Most Valuable Puppy)?”

In a world of uncertainty, these precious creatures offer a well needed escape. With all of our technology, nothing goes “viral” quicker on YouTube than a talking dog or a “clairvoyant” cat! Around the globe, people are obsessed with animals… and for good reason! Their unconditional love and faithfulness produce health benefits for humans that are nothing short of miraculous.

Furry Friends Can Aid Your Health

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 57% of American households own at least one pet. Compared to non-pet owners, the 57% of pet owners enjoy far better health and well-being.

Karen Allen, PhD, a researcher from the University of Buffalo, conducted a controlled study of 48 stockbrokers who were all taking hypertension medication. Half (24) were given their choice of a dog or cat to take home and care for. After a couple of weeks with the pets, blood pressure and heart rates were administered to all of the participants. Those with a pet had lower heart rates and drops in their blood pressure, but the participants without pets showed no change. Once those without pets saw the results, many went out and got a pet!

A recent article from Healthstatus.com listed the following health benefits pet owners enjoy:

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