January 23, 2017

5 Step Exercise to Remove Bed Bugs From Your Home

You get one morning and discover your arms and legs are full of unexplained itchy welts and rashes.  This is unfortunate news.  You have just been attacked by the enemy at your most unaware moment.  The welts are proof that a bed bug has crawled all over you for a snack.  If you wake up welts all over your torso, it could signify that you are now sharing living quarters with a bed bug (or an army of bed bugs), who lurk in the dark crannies of your room and stand by until you are deep in slumber to crawl out and dine on your blood.

For successful elimination of these parasites, you have to first find out their precise location in order to take precautions against their re-entry.  This can be done either on your own or with the assistance of a competent pest control company.

To deal with the bed bug menace, you first have to carry out a meticulous exercise of extermination.

  1. Vacuum and steam clean your furniture and rugs in your house.
  2. Give a high temperature cleaning treatment to your bed sheets and pillow covers in a good washing machine, which ensures that all remaining bug die in the heat.
  3. Clean the floors and other solid surfaces with a brush and a disinfectant solution to remove traces of bed bug eggs laid here and there.
  4. Throw the waste in properly sealed plastics bags and into a distance garbage bin to prevent the pests from entering your home again.
  5. Block every gap in your house, especially around sewage pipes and faucets.

It is recommended in your bed bug extermination exercise that you use natural and organic pest control measure and avoid dangerous pesticides or chemical solutions, which can prove to be harmful if they come in contact with your items of daily use.  Regular cleaning habits and observance of sanitation around your residence can greatly contribute to stopping bed bug invasions.

Exercise these 5 steps of extermination to safeguard yourself, your family and your home from bed bug invasion.


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