January 24, 2017

I Was 50 Pounds Overweight Until I Found This

You don’t need another theory or method.
You need a positive weight loss experience.

Here’s a little known secret that I used to lose 50 pounds in only 90 days. One of the most critical factors of the present obesity epidemic is what’s commonly called “insulin resistance.” Insulin resistance is also known as “glucose intolerance” or “pre-diabetes.” Regardless of the label, it is correlated to your cell membrane health and your cell membrane health is the master key to unlocking abundant health, longevity and especially vital for attaining your “ideal weight.”

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I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about weight loss gimmicks, gadgets and magic bullets – about as much as I am. That’s precisely why I chose to put the latest natural discoveries to the test and, as a result, I lost 50 pounds in 90 days. Now, I get to share how I did it with you. As with anything revolutionary, it may at first seem a little unbelievable, but once you think it through, it’s really quite obvious. So, let me save you some time and cut right to the chase.

The Key To Healthful Weight Loss Is Muscle Growth!

Your muscles are either growing or being replaced with fat; there is no in between. After years of exhaustive research as a medical investigator, I discovered a way to naturally maintain the proper energy metabolism that supports lean healthy muscle growth. You see, insulin resistance, or whatever you want to call it, is another symptom of a low cellular energy metabolism. To make a long story short, this means you have less mitochondrion than you need to maintain a high cellular energy level.

Mitochondria are simply the energy factories inside your cells. They basically convert your calories and oxygen into energy. The more mitochondria your cells have, the more dynamic your overall health.

If you are losing your mitochondria, you will eventually lose your muscle to fat. Insulin resistance is an imbalance which slows down the calorie burning process. This-bogged down metabolism causes fat that should be burned for energy to become stored away – a kind of hibernation effect. By recognizing both your weight issue and insulin resistance as symptoms, it frees you up to address the “real root cause” of the imbalance: UNDERNUTRITION.

In a nutshell, here’s how I lost 50 pounds in 90 days: “It all comes down to simply improving your cell membrane health first.” After researching everything under the sun to do with sustaining optimal health, I kept noticing an amazing pattern coming up over and over again. The world’s latest cutting edge science was showing me the secret way to lose stubborn excess weight. That is to focus on improving cellular health, increase mitochondria production and muscle growth.

So, that’s exactly what I did. At 6’1″ I was weighing in at a sluggish 270 pounds. I suffered from symptoms of heart disease, diabetes and chronic fatigue. Based on what I discovered, I knew if I could address the root cause of the real problem and reverse that health problem, then the unwanted “fat pounds” would just burn away naturally. It did, just like the scientific evidence predicted it would!

My Healthful Weight Loss Was A Side Benefit Of Addressing The Root Cause Of Accelerated Aging

I discovered by simply changing the way I was approaching the whole weight loss scenario, I could accomplish something mainstream media doesn’t really want you to know: obesity is a symptom of heart disease and diabetes.

I was taught obesity caused heart disease, but now I had reason to believe the opposite was true.

If you only focus on losing weight in general, you may end up doing more harm to your health than good. This may shock you, but it’s not all about how much you weigh. The bottom line is how much muscle weight versus fat weight you have, which is called “body composition.” The ideal weight for you depends on a lot of factors including, height, age and even bone mineral density. So, let’s forget about how much you weigh for a few minutes so you can see more clearly how to have the leaner, healthier body Mama Nature meant you to have.

Now, back to this metabolic imbalance called insulin resistance . . .

Insulin resistance is a major determiner of healthy body composition. This is simply because if your energy metabolism is out of balance, your lean-muscle-to-fat ratio will be out of balance, too. Problem is most “overweight” or “out-of-shape” people are suffering from an over production of cellular waste, which is stored in fat cells, and an under production of healthy muscle growth. All that is an effect of insulin resistance.

You should also know muscle weighs more than fat. Muscle is denser and it takes less muscle to weigh up the same as fat. This explains why I can lose fatty inches around the waist and still weigh the same.

The shocking thing is most people who lose weight on a “diet” are losing two things:

1. Water weight

2. Muscle mass

That’s why the majority of people who lose weight rapidly gain it right back, like Oprah. It’s easy to gain and lose weight; it’s called the “Yo-Yo Effect.” The Yo-Yo effect of dieting is not only discouraging, it’s outright dangerous for your health. One of the reasons for this rebound effect is that your metabolic energy level drops in half when you are replacing muscle with fat.

Insulin resistance is a major trigger of increased metabolic waste and loss of lean muscle mass. Most people believe just cutting out sugars (carbohydrates) is the solution. That’s simply not true. Yes, eliminating simple carbohydrates is a significant factor in improving overall health, but your body depends on specific carbohydrates to function properly. These sugars are also called glyconutrients (super metabolic sugars) and they’re used for cellular signaling, repair and regeneration.

Proteins, Cellular salt, Fats and Certain Sugars Are All Necessary for a Healthier You

Increasing your body’s sensitivity to insulin is really the ticket to a balanced and healthy metabolism.

Once you have figured out how to rebalance your metabolic processes, you’ll find fat will simply burn away the unhealthy byproducts you were storing and, in turn, give you more energy and fuel for building healthy muscles. Then, your “weight issue” will take care of itself.

I reversed the cause of my dis-ease and lost weight by simply improving my cellular insulin sensitivity. Let me repeat: I improved my insulin sensitivity by simply focusing on improving cellular health and promoting an effective, energetic and clean burning metabolism.

The only way to improve sensitivity to insulin is to improve cell health – the same thing that reverses heart disease and diabetes!

I know it sounds too simple to be true, but the truth is naturally simple.

The key to attaining ideal weight is so simple you may not believe me at first. But, let me remind you, I did lose 50 pounds in 90 days and beat the Yo-Yo effect once and for all. To my amazement, my remarkable weight loss results stayed the same to this day nearly a year later. After reaching my personal goal, I set a new goal to increase muscle mass. Yet, with my “new improved” metabolism my weight still remained the same. My waist slimmed down, all because I learned how to replace unhealthy fat with healthy muscle while improving my overall health.

I’m as surprised to hear me say this as you may be surprised to read it. I know how frustrating trying to lose weight can be. I have been battling weight issues all my life. After I left the Navy in 1981, I was 6’1″ and 190 pounds. Then, I got married and raised three magnificent children. I’ve reach as high as 285 pounds at one point, but averaged around 265 for decades. Nothing worked for me in the past because I was trying to treat a symptom as if it was the cause.

Almost a year later, I am easily maintaining a healthful weight between 215 and 217 pounds. Plus, I’ve gone from a 42″ waist to a 35″ waist. I still believe in mild exercise rather than extreme exercise, because extreme exercise can lower your metabolism and tax critical nutrients. I love to take long walks, swim when I can and practice my magnetic Qi-gong twice a day. Otherwise, I live a relatively sedentary lifestyle as a medical investigator, musician and author.

It seems everyone is searching for “a method,” or some trick to attaining optimal health and weight. I could take the time to explain to you all the finer details and refer you to all the scientific studies that led me to this breakthrough, but you don’t need another theory or method. You need a positive weight loss experience.

I know your metabolism is different than mine, as is your life style and eating habits. In fact, our bodies are as different as our individual thoughts are. Yet, there is an underlying matrix of implicit order, an undeniable common denominator that is the source of our health, wellness and happiness. Whether you label it genetic, biological or even-intelligent design, it serves us all the same.

All atoms, molecules and cells come from the same source of subtle organized energy fields. That must be why increasing your own intrinsic energy at the cellular level can reverse diseases and maintain an ideal weight – without drugs, surgery or diet gimmicks.

We are all made of the same cosmic stuff, live on the same planet and share the same essential elements to thrive and grow. In essence, you can return to a simpler life, improve your health and lose those unwanted fat cells by tuning into the source of your energy and learning how to sustain natural balance.

Here are some more guideposts to help you find your own healing pathway.


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First 30 Days

A good foundation is switching to a high-protein, plant-based diet consisting of at least 60% raw foods. Some of the best sources of plant-based protein are “The Ultimate Meal,” “Hemp Protein” and Dr. Jordan Rubin’s “RAW Protein Meal” products. I always recommend Dr. Rubin’s Garden of Life products because they are rich in RAW nutrition, including enzymes and probiotics. I stay away from soy-based products unless they are properly fermented to remove the “phyto-toxins,” which are natural insecticides the green soy plant contains. Try it for a month, and if you are ambitious, try 100% raw vegan for 30 days.

A few other things that will help you is to:

  • Drink plenty of water “between meals”
  • Eat your protein before your carbs
  • Use Celtic sea salt and
  • Get your hands on a good full spectrum enzyme supplement, too

Second 30 Days

The second month you can start including grass fed meats like bison, venison and elk to your menu 10-25% of the time. I suggest eating at least 5 to 7 small meals a day. Eating until you’re “80% full” is a good rule to follow. As you get in the healthy habit of eating more often, supplement with enzymes to help break down nutrients, eat at least 40-50% raw, plant-based protein sources, and you will begin to feel more energetic as inches will begin melting away. Pounds lost show more gradually.

You can’t raise your metabolism, grow more mitochondria and develop healthy muscles unless you consume enough protein-rich nutrition. Eating empty calories is basically the same as starving yourself. Under-nutrition is a main cause of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Eating nutritious foods more often, hydrating and introducing mild exercise is all you really need to transform your health fast and effectively.

Throughout your 90-day effort, I also suggest eating a lot of fat. Yes, you read that right, fat. The media has misinformed you about the benefits of good fat. Generally, most animal fats are bad and most plant-based fats are good. Some are better than others, of course. For example grass fed meats and ocean and lake spawned fish have a higher quality fat. Good fats increase cellular health and bad fats trigger inflammation.

You can’t beat avocados, coconut milk and oils, Brazil nuts and raw almonds. RAW is key. Watch out for added ingredients like refined salts, hydrogenated oils and cottonseed oil. I can’t emphasize enough how important Celtic or Himalayan salts are to flushing your system and helping to build healthy nerve and muscle tissue.

Last 30 Days

By your last 30 day cycle, you will have found what you like to eat and will have established a healthy pattern that works for you. Remember these 5 fat-loss tips:

1. Eat your proteins 5 minutes “before” your carbs.

2. Eat only fruits between meals or as an entire meal.

3. Don’t mix nuts and fruits, or meats and fruits or carbs and proteins

4. Drink water in-between meals and snacks.

5. Utilize your enzymes and stomach acids for optimal nutrient absorption.

So, there you have it. Now you can create your own weight loss diet.

Remember, your fat burning genes are “switched on” by eating foods that maximize your energy metabolism and by avoiding the overcooked and processed foods, which trigger insulin resistance and fat production. By following my outline, you will learn which foods to eat to reverse disease and sustain a healthy body composition and, in other words, be healthy, well and happy within your own skin.

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