January 21, 2017

Nature’s First Aid Kit

nature's first aid kitHurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes–nature has not spared her fury recently. If you have not been affected, you probably know someone who has. Because of this, survival kits have been growing in popularity. People are even starting to take food and water storage more seriously. However, one thing that most disaster planning kits lack is natural medicines.

Most of us do not have access to antibiotics and other prescription meds to add to our survival kits. You might have a first aid kit, but are you stocked up with products that could combat illness? Should a biological attack or deadly flu virus sweep the nation, would you have the resources available to combat its threat? There are several things I feel are essential to stock up on and store in case of a disaster or outbreak. If a true disaster was to occur and you had no access to medical treatment, having certain natural remedies on hand could save your life.

I have put together what I feel is a thorough and effective “Natural First Aid Kit.” This is not a substitute to a regular first aid kit, but rather something to add to it. Many of these natural medicines are just as effective as prescription drugs, specifically antibiotics.

Take note that several of these supplements have proven in labs to kill the bird flu and the swine flu. If a biological attack were to ever occur, you would have a cabinet full of immune boosters and virus and bacteria killers to combat that attack.

Natural Antibiotics and Antivirals

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