January 24, 2017

Good Poop = Good Health

By Amanda Box

People may think I’m nuts for asking, but one of the most important questions on my health evaluation form is, “How many bowel movements do you have per day?”   I also ask about stool color, consistency, and size.  TMI, you may say?  I beg to differ.

Go_everybody poopsBowel health is of utmost importance.  I believe it to be one of the greatest determining factors to whole body health.  Unfortunately, most people want to leave their bathroom visits in the bathroom and rarely talk about the state of their poop.  They find it embarrassing and think it shouldn’t be talked about.   You would be surprised how many people believe that having 2-3 bowel movements a week is normal!  That is anything but normal!  That, in fact, is a sign that something is wrong, and can actually lead you down the road of many toward different health issues. You should care about your poop!

Keeping it Regular

I’m sure you’re no stranger to hearing about regularity.  In attempts to promote their products, cereal and fiber supplement companies have bombarded the media with it’s importance for maintaing healthy bowels.  For that, I am thankful.

It is important to make sure you poop regularly.  The problem, though, is confusion about what it means to be truly “regular.”  Like I mentioned before, some people believe that pooping a few times a week is regular!  Regular actually should be, in fact, daily.  And more specifically, regular is about three times a day.

Think about it.  Humans were designed to eat and then poop.  Any mother will tell you that within a matter of 20 minutes after feeding their baby, they poop.  What goes in has to go out.  And if it doesn’t go out within a reasonable amount of time, problems can result.

Our poop is essentially toxic waste. It contains billions of bacteria — hence the stench! Once our food is processed, broken down, and turned into poop, it should exit our body within 24 hours.  When this toxic waste is in the body too long, we begin to poison ourselves internally!

A good way to tell if your body is getting rid of waste in a timely manner is to eat a cup of corn.  If you don’t see corn in your poop within 24 hours of consuming it, then you may have a sluggish colon or you are seriously “backed up.”

There are several ways to jumpstart your colon to work properly.  These methods also help to flush out old accumulated toxic fecal matter.  Getting out old toxic poop will leave you feeling cleaner, lighter — and will even improve your mental clarity!

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