January 21, 2017

3 Tips for Healthy, Flawless and Beautiful Skin


It’s the largest organ of our body and one of the most important parts of our of immune system. This built-in bodily feature protects us from the environment, helps to regulate our body temperature and eliminates wastes. Its color is unique and exclusive to each and every person. Yet, even with all its amazing capacities, this body part is regularly injured and often not properly cared for.

This incredibly important organ is our skin.

Skin is a taleteller. It exposes your life choices for everyone to see. Those who choose to smoke their entire life display wrinkles and dry skin that expose their choice. Others who baked in the sun have darkened leather-like skin to show for their years under the rays.

3 tips for healthy flawless beautiful skinBut, what about skin issues like eczema, psoriasis and acne? These skin conditions can be embarrassing and cause pain both psychologically and physically. Are these conditions a result of life choices?

The answer is most often is yes. Many times people who believe they are making good choices for their skin still fall victim to one of these conditions. They use the creams the doctor prescribed, but often go years, if not their whole life with flare-ups. This is because the cause of their skin issue is not truly being addressed. Remember, our skin is a taleteller. When these skin issues occur something is wrong underneath the surface.

The Inside/Outside Dynamic of Your Skin

I always say, “An outside problem is most often an inside problem.” Our skin reflects the condition inside our bodies. When something is out of balance inside our body, our skin lets us know. For example, allergic reactions can manifest as hives and viruses can cause rashes, warts and cold sores.

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Though it is rarely addressed in the doctor’s office, conditions like eczema, psoriasis and acne have internal roots. I mention these conditions because they are the most common. However, many other skin conditions fall into this category, as well.

These internal causes are why topical creams only work temporarily, if at all. Most of these creams, in particular for eczema and psoriasis, work by suppressing the immune system. They may briefly suppress the outward manifestations of the immune system, but they don’t correct the typically overactive immune system underneath.

Where Do You Start for Healthy, Flawless Beautiful Skin?

Taking care of your skin holistically isn’t rocket science. On the contrary, it’s quite simple, easy and rewarding; it just takes knowing what to do and following through with it. By adhering to the natural remedy steps below, you will give your skin a chance to be, feel and look beautiful and healthy.

The first 3 tips for flawless skin I’ve compiled from my experience as a naturopath. They can be part of any holistic skin care regime for smooth, soft and radiant skin.

Next, you will find the secrets to reveal your most vibrant inner beauty. If you suffer from eczema, psoriasis or acne, these are the pillars of real and lasting beauty and equally important. Don’t overlook these simple and easy steps; they are crucial to your recovery, beauty and health.

3 Tips for Healthy, Flawless and Beautiful Skin 

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