January 24, 2017

5 Vaccination Myths

Exercising Your Right Whether or Not to Vaccinate

by Rob Fischer

Perhaps many reading this article are like me. We’ve grown up during the era of vaccinations and have never experienced any long-term negative complications from a vaccination. But now we’re hearing of a growing movement that is raising serious concerns about the health of vaccinating—especially vaccinating small children.

Why the sudden alarm about vaccinations? Aren’t vaccinations responsible for warding off massive outbreaks of diseases like polio, whooping cough, mumps, measles and rubella?

vaccine truth vs mythThe big question I’d like to focus on is whether individuals should have the right to choose whether or not to vaccinate themselves and their children. Do we have a moral obligation to vaccinate and be vaccinated? Does the government have the right to tell us who, how often, and against what diseases we must be vaccinated?

Let’s look at some of the major issues and then you decide.

Myth #1: Vaccinations Have Staved Off Massive Epidemics

Actually, although that is the widespread belief, it wasn’t the vaccines that brought about the dramatic reduction in these diseases, but improved hygiene, nutrition and sanitation. Polio, whooping cough, measles, mumps and rubella, for instance, were all in radical decline before the vaccinations were developed and administered.[1]

Many who adamantly support extensive immunization fear that non-vaccinated children will infect their children. This makes no sense logically or medically, since the purpose of a vaccine is to protect the individual and the spread of such communicable diseases.

In this regard, some refer to “herd immunity,” arguing that diseases simply can’t spread in a community where a high enough percentage of the population is vaccinated against them. But this is an old, unproven hypothesis that defies logic.[2]

Myth #2: Vaccinations Immunize a Person Against Disease

Everybody knows that by injecting weak or dead viruses, the body develops antibodies. But does this combat and protect you from the real virus? Actually, we now know that this only holds true temporarily—and, not always.

Furthermore, the World Health Organization (WHO) has admitted that “Children under two years of age do not consistently develop immunity following vaccination.” In fact, vaccinating can actually compromise their immune system.[3]

In a recent 2012 whooping cough outbreak in California, doctors discovered that the majority of children who contracted whopping cough had been vaccinated against it!

  • In fact, 81% of the children with whooping cough had received the full series of “immunizations” against the disease.
  • Another 11% had received only part of the whooping cough regimen.
  • Only 8% had not received any whopping cough vaccinations.[4]

immunization herd immunity Here is a perfect example of how the “herd immunity” hypothesis failed. The team of doctors who studied this whooping cough outbreak theorizes that the effectiveness of the vaccine wears off after several years. The truly disturbing part of this is that the drug maker Glaxo Smith Kline had never performed long-term studies to determine the on-going effectiveness of the vaccine.[5]

A similar 2014 outbreak of the mumps in Ohio revealed the same outcome. Individual infected with mumps included a large population of those vaccinated. Among 28 cases of the mumps, all had been “immunized” against the mumps except for one person.[6] Understanding this, the late Dr. Robert Mendlesohn, MD, in his book, How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor, asserted, “vaccinated individuals are 14 times more likely to contract mumps than unvaccinated.”[7]

If you think you are safe with the flu shot, think again. Four Canadian studies released in 2009 demonstrated that a seasonal flu shot increases the probability that one will contract H1N1 flu by 250%![8]

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the effectiveness of the influenza vaccine for the 2014-15 flu season is 19%.[9] In spite of this pathetic performance, the CDC still insists, “Getting a flu vaccine each year is the best way to prevent the flu.”[10] The flu vaccine really does increase your risk for serious pandemic flu illness!

While the flu virus is primarily spread through coughing, sneezing, or touching items contaminated by an infected person, “it is also possible for vaccine strain influenza to be transmitted by persons who have recently received live attenuated influenza virus nasal vaccines.”[11] This holds true for seven days or more following administration of the vaccine.

In other words, it is possible to contract a disease from a person who has been infected with it through immunization. In fact, government pamphlets warn, “Children who have been vaccinated should avoid close contact with people with severely weakened immune systems for around two weeks after being vaccinated.” Vaccine experts also warn that children “May have to stay away from elderly relatives for a few days after vaccination.”[12] The takeaway: the unvaccinated can become infected from the vaccinated.

Another problem is that viruses are constantly mutating. Antibodies developed against one virus will not be effective at warding off its mutant cousins.[13] One wonders whether vaccinating actually assists in the mutation and development of superbugs. Bacterium and viruses may be turning into strains that can no longer be controlled.

So we find that immunizing can actually lead to greater chances of contracting the disease for which one is being inoculated.

Myth #3: Vaccinations Are Safe

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The Gift of Life

The timing for this month’s theme, “Natural Pregnancy Health” couldn’t have been more relevant. As I write, journalists — regardless of their political persuasion — are equally outraged at the Presidents decision to bypass the Constitution and usurp authority over the Catholic Church concerning birth control, contraceptives and surgery (a political term for abortion). I will try to uncover the heart of God in this post in lieu of my own emotions on this “hot button” topic.

You see, life is a gift — the greatest gift of all. You didn’t create your life. It was created for you.

“Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being.” Genesis 2:7

Always remember, life never requires a right to exist… it IS existence personified.

Life does not depend upon man’s permission to begin anymore than it requires mans permission to end.

Can you imagine if the government started legislating gift giving? Would you be comfortable with that? China and some provinces in India are already legislating God’s greatest gift, children.

In China, each family is limited to two children. With that being said, the Chinese have been aborting females for years so they could have (2) males to carry on the family name.  In poor provinces of India, they are doing the same thing, but for a different reason. Though they are relatively poor, their culture demands a very expensive dowry upon marriage.

Today, the result of both countries attempt at “playing God” has created dire consequences.

For the Chinese, the ratio of men to women is astounding, thus a diminished race, increased homosexuality and an obvious rise in violent crimes, especially rape. In India, the problem is on a much smaller level, but several orphanages have begun to take in girls to spare them from abortion.

Rule of thumb:

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Avoid Childhood Obesity: 10 Steps To A Healthier Child

A whopping 22 million children under the age of 5 are obese. Professor Terry Wilken of the Peninsula Medical School tells us that by age 5, “the die is cast.” One million children are now showing signs of high blood pressure and heart disease, presenting a new era of extraordinary challenge of high body fat to our nation’s pediatricians.

According to Dr. Tim Lobstein of the International Obesity Task Force, the scope of these numbers and their implication for mankind is unprecedented.

From smiling clowns at drive-up windows to a beckoning Chihuahua, and a kid whose bologna has a first name; the competition is fierce for market share of your child’s stomach. Drive-up counters have replaced the dinner bell and fast food is no longer fast enough. Not surprisingly, diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes has surged 90 percent, in the last decade alone.

Sugar races into your child’s bloodstream, signaling their pancreas to produce insulin. Trans fatty acids accelerate their risk for heart disease. Preservatives, artificial additives, man-made sugars, white carbohydrates and processed foods add fuel to this internal fire—the building blocks for cellular aberration, degeneration and stored body fat.

If we care about obesity prevention… we need to translate that belief to our children. It starts by recapturing the family dinner and wholesome cooking. Prioritize purchasing locally grown foods and the value of what “live food” can do for the body, mind and spirit. It’s time for us to become nourishers as well as nurturers.

10 Steps To A Healthier Child

1)  Healthy snacks: Seeds are far more nutritionally dense than other foods, particularly those from pumpkin and squash. Add them to a mix with the healthiest nuts like almonds, pistachios, macadamia and pine. They break down slowly and feed you gradually, helping your child avoid hunger and low blood sugar; while bathing their cells with “healthy” fat.

2)  Fruits and vegetables: Seven fruits or vegetables a day “is” doable.  Invest in a great blender, like the Vita Mix 5200, and throw in all things good. You’ll be amazed at how a banana can mask the taste of the most onerous veggie (even fish oil). Consider mixing in some organic” freeze dried” berry powder. Make healthy smoothies or serve fresh vegetable juice.

3)  White Carbohydrates: Eliminate bleached and artificially fortified miracle bread. If you must, opt for sourdough and top it off with healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil or real organic butter. It’s naturally high acidity, coupled with a topping of healthy fat, slows its entry in the bloodstream, giving your child’s pancreas a break. For pasta dishes, make the switch from white noodles to 100 percent whole wheat.

4)  Organic locally-grown vegetables: Grow your own or purchase them from a local farmers market. Another alternative is Community Supported Agriculture. Go to www.localharvest.org/csa/. Sign up and pick up a beautiful basket of fresh locally grown vegetable produce for a small fee at a local community college. Take control of what your child eats in school as well. Farm to School (www.farmtoschool.org) delivers healthy foods from local farms, to schools nationwide.

5)  Less is best: Serve less food by using smaller plates or share an entrée when dining out. We’ve grown accustomed to eating outlandish portions because they’re there. Serve moderate amounts of animal protein too. As a rule of thumb, never eat a serving of protein larger than a deck of playing cards. Kids need even less.

6)  Make healthier choices: Healthy fats in reasonable amounts help balance blood sugar and reduce internal inflammation. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for higher-heat cooking. Extra Virgin Olive Oil for low to medium heat cooking. Dredge that chicken in coconut flour, not bleached flour. Eat the healthiest sources of protein, by choosing grass-fed beef, free-range pastured poultry, and fish from unpolluted waters.

7)  Sugar: Reduce it. While no sugar is healthy, studies show that Xylitol significantly reduces the bacteria and plaque on teeth when used moderately. Even better, use Stevia, an all natural herbal sweetener with none of sugar’s downside. Fill that “sippy cup” with water, not fruit juice; fructose cravings and tooth decay begin at a young age, from sugary foods.

8)  Family Time: A study by Harvard researchers Taveris et al. (Obesity Research, 2005) of more than 14,000 children ages 9-14, concluded that the benefits of eating dinner as a family appear to include improved diet quality, reduced high-risk adolescent behaviors such as tobacco, alcohol and marijuana use, and improved performance in school.

9)  Water: Drink ample amounts of natural spring water without fluoride; approximately half your child’s body weight, expressed in ounces daily. Example: an 80-pound child should drink 40 ounces of water throughout the day.

10) Walk: Studies show countless benefits from brisk walking for as little as 15 minutes a day, from reduced body fat to increased bone density.

Roger Asmus entered a fitness competition and won the Mr. Teenage Colorado in 1991. He was later named Mr. Mile High in 1996 and achieved his dream when he was proudly awarded the title of Mr. Natural Colorado in 1998. Roger has been highly sought after as a model and authority in the fitness world, appearing in national news and magazines sources. Roger is currently one of the top personal trainers in the country and is president of Core Health Innovations™.

Intended for Intimacy

As the father of seven young children, my friend is accustomed to the looks and comments of strangers out in public.  Some are even brazen enough to quip things like, “Do you know what’s causing this?”  My friend is quick with the retort, “Yes, and we enjoy it too much to stop.” That typically puts them in their place. My favorite line is when he tells people he has seven kids not because he loves kids so much but because he loves his wife so much. People always laugh.

There would be absolutely nothing to smile about if his seven kids were from seven different mothers, three of whom were his sisters. My apologies for the quick turn into creepsville and dysfunction. It was necessary to make the point that sex is a good and wonderful thing within the confines of certain boundaries, in particular the boundary of marriage. Marriage is the life-long commitment between one man and one woman. Outside that context of fidelity, sex isn’t safe.

Those who read this column each month know I regularly connect health and wellness with living as our Creator intended. The reason God put sex within the confines of marriage is not because he wants to spoil the fun, but because he wants to spare us the pain.

There is much confusion today with regard to sex and sexuality. There is even more hurt, brokenness, shame and addiction. This is not the place to review our nation’s Puritan and Victorian past as it relates to the suppression of human sexuality as an evil. Nor is it necessary to detail what we all see every day: an over-sexed society where lust an exploitation are a multi-billion dollar industry and where perversion is reaching frightening levels under what can only be described as

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