January 23, 2017

The Painless Stop Smoking Cure

It’s not your fault you failed to quit smoking until now.

You have failed to successfully stop smoking for the most simple of reasons. No matter what “method” you use to stop smoking:

  • You always have the feeling that you are going to “give up” something.
  • You have the feeling or doubt that you are going to crave your cigarette.

Think closely about what I’m about to tell you since it is going to change the way you think about stop smoking…

Your MIND is more powerful than any stop smoking drug or method you can use….because your mind controls whether you will or won’t succeed to stop smoking — successfully.  You failed so far because you have a mental addiction to cigarettes. This is much stronger than the nicotine addiction, which is only 3% of your problem.

Also, your thoughts about smoking are more powerful than any prescription drug to stop smoking. This is true because your mind is like an “engine” and it needs certain mental comfort at certain intervals each day. That’s why you have become a “chain smoker,” which is why you have a “mental addiction” to cigarettes.

(Hint:  You need to be relieved from this mental addiction to successfully stop smoking, but I show you the details later.)

You are still smoking because you have been using the wrong methods to stop smoking.  Guess what?  You will be able to stop smoking by using the RIGHT tools to get rid of your “mental” addiction towards cigarettes.

It’s not really any more complicated than that and the way to stop smoking has nothing to do with your nicotine addiction, withdrawal pangs or craving a cigarette. It sits “between your ears.”

Laser therapy to stop smoking DON’T WORK.

The reason why you failed to successfully stop smoking with laser therapy is because it doesn’t address the cause and reason itself why you find it so hard to stop — your MIND. All laser therapy “does” is trying to reset some nervo-systems in your brain that have got used to the nicotine shots.

Let me explain:

Nicotine is the reason why you got addicted to the cigarette. It’s the drug that made you a “drug addict.”

But, nicotine is NOT the reason why you find it so hard to quit. All possible nicotine withdrawal symptoms, as you are aware of them, are gone after a maximum 48 to 72 hours…FOREVER!

So, the real cause why you find it so hard is what you think and feel about your cigarette. That is your mind. That is your “mental addiction” to cigarettes and this is not addressed by laser therapy.

Now you understand why a smoker who had stopped smoking for 5 months with laser therapy starts smoking again because his mental addiction he has toward cigarettes is still there. His nicotine addiction was gone after two, three days even without the laser therapy, which basically changed anything for the smoker except for the content of his wallet  ;-(

Nicotine replacement products DON’T WORK.

Let me ask you a very simple question…What is the main substance of any nicotine replacement product?… Indeed! NICOTINE. All these products do is provide you with the drug that got you trapped! 
It’s the same as giving a heroine junkie heroine to quit his addiction.  
You understand that this doesn’t work at all, right?!

It’s a big billion-dollar business for the pharmaceutical industry and they even call it the nicotine conspiracy between the tobacco industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Their main focus is to keep you as a “nicotine client,” either by cigarettes or by patches or gum.

I have a friend who has stopped smoking 12 years ago…and he still chews about 4 packs of nicotine gum a week! I have another friend who quit 3 years ago…and he still patches a big patch on his shoulders every single day. 
You should see how his shoulders look!

Zyban and Chantix make you MISERABLE.

Zyban and Chantix have certainly become popular in recent years, but these drugs often leave you feeling miserable each day (since they have a heavy impact on your hearth rate and mess up your brain.)

Check out these facts below…

  • Did you know that yearly about 500 people die as a consequence of using Zyban?! It’s true.
  • Also, many smokers suffer from hearth diseases and discomfort while on the drugs which won’t allow them to enjoy a “normal” day for many months after they have stopped smoking.
  • Last but not least…have you ever seen any “success results” of these products that covered a period longer than 6 to 8 weeks?! No! Even in this very short time span, they say that the success ratio is only 43%. Let me tell you right now that after ONE year, their success ratio is back below 10%, which is hardly any better than the “placebo-effect” or “sugar-pill effect!” It’s a fact.

Therefore, Zyban and Chantix can leave you feeling MISERABLE each day, which is not the answer.

Now you know what doesn’t work: laser therapy, nicotine replacement and Zyban or Chantix.

On the next page we show you what DOES WORK.

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